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  1. Asia and Australia
    Saitama Government Towers Saitama, Japan HEIGHT: 154m/513feet 139m/463feet FLOORS: 31 fl/26fl COMPLETION: 2000 ARCHITECT: ?
  2. Asia and Australia
    Land Axis Tower Saitama, Japan HEIGHT: 168m/560feet FLOORS: 35 floors COMPLETION: 2002 ARCHITECT: ?
  3. Completed
    Urawa Red Diamonds 5x Champion: 1969, 1973, 1978, 1982, 2006 6x Cup Winner: 1971, 1973, 1978, 1980, 2005, 2006 4x Supercup: 1979, 1980, 1983, 2006 3x League Cup: 1978, 1981, 2003 1x AFC Champions League: 2007 My fac WC 2002 stadium Home of Urawa Red Diamonds bigger one...
  4. Fotografía | Reportajes del resto del mundo
    This newly-created city of over 1 million people lies in the north-west of Tokyo. It's basicly a huge suburb of the capital with a newly-developed area which is worth the trip from Tokyo. In & out Omiya station, a very important hub for railways in northern Kanto area: South of...
  5. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Japão (em japonês: 日本; transl.: Nihon ou Nippon ) é um país insular da Ásia Oriental. Localizado no Oceano Pacífico, a leste do Mar do Japão, da República Popular da China, da Coreia do Norte, da Coreia do Sul e da Rússia, se estendendo do Mar de Okhotsk, no norte, ao Mar da China Oriental e...
1-5 of 6 Results