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  1. San Francisco

    San Francisco is one of the most prominent cities in California, especially as the economic and social hub for Northern California. Along with Oakland and San Jose, San Francisco is part of the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area, housing over seven million individuals in the metropolis. This...
  2. EUA e Canadá: um tour entre a costa atlântica e a costa pacífica da América do Norte

    Além Fronteiras
    Boas pessoal! Cá vai mais um thread para reportar uma das minhas viagens por este mundo afora. Desta vez estive a passear pelos EUA e Canadá (Ago 2019). As principais cidades visitadas foram: Washington D.C., Filadélfia, Nova Iorque, Buffalo, Cataratas do Niágara (Nova Iorque e Ontário)...
  3. Salesforce Tower | SAN FRANCISCO | 326m | 61 fl

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    Salesforce Tower San Francisco, USA Height: 326m/1070ft Floors: 61 Function: Office Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli Completed: 2018 Salesforce Tower by, on Flickr DJI_0526-HDR by Droneshot, on Flickr
  4. Wonderful San Francisco City!

    San Francisco Bay Area
    Hello everyone. I delighted myself in San Francisco last week. It was a phenomenal one for sure. It was my first time in California and couldn't have asked for more. I always knew San Francisco was an important city, and through some pictures, I was able to understand what it would look...
  5. Bayugan City and Agusan del Sur Province

    Welcome to Thread 12! :cheers: Keep posting forumers :okay: Link to previous thread
  6. 510 Townsend Street | 85FT | 8 FL | San Francisco | Pro

    Per socketsite:// Information regarding the tenant :
  7. 30 Van Ness | 400 FT | 42 FL | San Francisco | Pro

  8. Rowan (346 Potrero Ave) | 90 FT | 9 FL | San Francisco | U/C

  9. Warriors Arena Plaza | 160 FT x 2 | 11 FL x 2 | San Francisco | Pro

    Fresh Perspective: Warriors Arena Plaza, Retail And Office Space
  10. 636-648 4th St. | 107 M | 350 FT | 37 FL | San Francisco | Pro

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Massive 350-Foot Residential Tower Proposed for Central SoMa
  11. SAN FRANCISCO | 636-648 4th St. | 107m | 350ft | 37 fl | Pro

    Proposed Highrises
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Massive 350-Foot Residential Tower Proposed for Central SoMa
  12. 48 Tehama | 366ft | 30 fl | San Francisco | Pro

  13. 144 King St. Hotel | 120 FT | 37 M | 12 FL | San Francisco | U/C

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hotel Materializing On King Street Demolition is underway:
  14. Flower Mart Development | 249 FT | 225 FT | 200 FT | 5-20 FL | San Francisco | Pro

    Scoop: Plans For Three Towers Up To 250-Feet On Flower Mart Site
  15. 1001 Van Ness Ave | 140 FT | 14 FL | San Francisco | Pro


    Proyectos Departamentales
    Abro este foro con el motivo de la apertura pronta de el nuevo centro comercial en Ciudad Jalapa, Evidentemente es un Mall pequeño ya que pues cadenas de centros comerciales como La pradera o los metro a un no han fijado sus ojos esta ciudad del oriente de Guatemala, Supongo sera de alguna...
  17. 72 Townsend | 99 FT | 9 FL | San Francisco | T/O

    Somehow this one seems to have escaped our notice until now (unless I missed its thread in my search)
  18. 1200 Van Ness Ave. | 80 FT | 8 FL | San Francisco | Pro

    Projects I do not come to this project with the same happiness as with most others. I quite like the building on the site now though I acknowledge it has been under-utilized since the Circuit City...