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  1. Atlanta
    Massive Proposal Squashes 'Suburban' Notion of Sandy Springs
  2. Atlanta
    Time for a new development thread focusing on areas outside Atlanta. Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter—King and Queen Buildings by LeMeridien Hotels and Resorts, on Flickr This thread is descended from royalty!
  3. Atlanta
    Perimeter Center is getting yet more office development: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abernathy 400 Proves Perimeter Is Cuckoo for Office Space There are two options: a single 30 story tower...
  4. Proposed Skyscrapers
    A massive Hines development at Perimeter Center in Sandy Springs GA just north of Atlanta has been redesigned from a cluster of 26 and 17 story towers to a single 50 story skyscraper along with several shorter hotel and residential towers...
1-4 of 4 Results