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  1. Proposed Skyscrapers
    The city of Sapporo revealed this plan for a 245m tower (originally 255m) located in one of the parking lots right next to Sapporo Station. The redevelopment will be carried out in connection with the opening of the extension of the Hokkaido Shinkansen to Sapporo. information: height: 245m...
  2. Asia and Australia
    JR Tower Sapporo, Japan HEIGHT: 173m/580 feet FLOORS: 38floors COMPLETION: 2003 ARCHITECT: ?
  3. Subways and Urban Transport
    ^^ How did Sapporo overcome the loading guage of rubber-tyred metro, for its metros appear heavy-duty, e.g., broad cars? I've understood that rubber-tyred metros must limit the weight of trains + passengers, otherwise the tyres wouldn't be capable of all the extra weight that Sapporo's fleets...
  4. Completed
    Consadole Sapporo 1x League Cup: 1981 Sapporo Dome Opened 2001 Home stadium of the Consadole Sapporo football team and the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters baseball team. Venue of the 2002 FIFA World Cup and the 2019 Rugby World Cup.
  5. Fotografía | Reportajes del resto del mundo
    Hilo robado del foro japonés:
  6. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Japão (em japonês: 日本; transl.: Nihon ou Nippon ) é um país insular da Ásia Oriental. Localizado no Oceano Pacífico, a leste do Mar do Japão, da República Popular da China, da Coreia do Norte, da Coreia do Sul e da Rússia, se estendendo do Mar de Okhotsk, no norte, ao Mar da China Oriental e...
1-6 of 7 Results