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  1. Seattle, United States

    Urban Showcase
  2. University District Development News and Photos

    Images from the U.Dist. A project between 47th and 50th IMGP2025 by mSeattle, on Flickr IMGP2031 by mSeattle, on Flickr IMGP2032 by mSeattle, on Flickr IMGP2033 by mSeattle, on Flickr
  3. SEATTLE - Husky Stadium (70,138)

    College Washington Huskies 4x Football National Champions: 1960, 1984, 1990, 1991 Husky Stadium located in Seattle Washington. Home to the Washington Huskies. Facts: -72,500 capacity -Many claim that the first audience wave originated in Husky Stadium on Halloween 1981, at the prompting...
  4. Seattle

    Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    SEATTLE ~ King Of The Northwest
  5. Seattle Development News 8

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :dj: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...
  6. Seattle 12-15 December 2009 - Photos from my trip

    Urban Showcase
    Seattle is really an amazing city and i have enjoyed myself a lot there. I was very surprised by the excellent public transport system they have in the city. They just opened a new Light rail system that goes all the way from the airport to the city for $2.50 They also have FREE buses within...
  7. [USA] Seattle, Portland, parki narodowe i okolice

    Poniżej fotorelacja z 2-tygodniowego wypadu na północno-zachodnie wybrzeże USA pod koniec sierpnia tego roku. Zdjęcia zamieszczam raczej tematycznie niż chronologicznie - w pewnych miejscach byłem więcej niż jeden raz. Fotorelacja miejsko-filmowa :) Również przyrodnicza, w specyficznym...
  8. Seattle now on Google Streetview

    Seattle and Washington D.C. were added to Google Streetview on November 4. Seattle looks perfect! I've never visited the city, but it's definitely on my list of places to visit.
  9. Seattle Area Traffic and Roads

    I know we have a couple transit threads. I thought we needed a traffic and roads thread too. I will start with a HuskyCast video my friend and coworker Maks Goldenshteyn put together for The Daily. It is about the annual inspection of the 520 bridge...
  10. DD Searches Seattle

    This little tour of Seattle will (probably) be in three parts. Comments and corrections are welcome. Enjoy! View of downtown from West Seattle. Columbia Center in the middle (tallest in Seattle) and the Smith Tower to the right. The Space Needle. Elephant Super Car Wash. The Space...
  11. When and how did public housing change?

    Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Can the rise of New Urbanism be traced to the destruction of high-density housing projects like Pruitt-Igoe in St. Louis? Was there a point in history when we collectively re-thought the definition of public housing? Here in Seattle, these public housing projects are being torn down and...
  12. Seattle Neighborhood Statistics

    I found these population figures in the Seattle Metro real estate guide 2008. I thought they might be of interest to this community! Admiral/W Seattle Junction 21,770 Alki 5,242 Arbor Heights 6,114 Ballard 29,428 Beacon Hill - Central 9,429 Beacon Hill - North 14,070 Beacon Hill - South/New...
  13. SEATTLE | Madison Centre - 505 Madison | 171m | 560ft | 36 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    505 Madison Height: 560feet (171 meters) Floors: 40 Construction Start: Late 2008 Construction End: 2010 Status: Approved Renderings:
  14. SEATTLE | Amazon Doppler, Day One and re:Invent (6th/Blanchard/8th/Lenora/7th/Virginia) | 39 stories | ~520 feet | ~159 m

    I'm sure in time, a thread will be warranted for this construction. Here's the latest: Vulcan welds old with new in South Lake Union makeover By Eric Pryne Seattle Times business reporter In South Lake Union, where construction cranes sprout like dandelions, "in with the new" doesn't always...
  15. SEATTLE | F5 Tower | 201m | 660ft | 43 fl | Com

    DN Archives A new angle on Seattle's skyline By Eric Pryne Seattle Times business reporter The developer who saved the historic First United Methodist Church sanctuary last year has unveiled plans for an asymmetrical skyscraper next door that could...
  16. SEATTLE | F5 Tower (5th & Columbia) | 47 Stories | 660 feet | 201 m

    If this proposal ever had its own thread, I couldn't find it. About time it got one. Monday, February 11, 2008 - Page updated at 12:25 AM A new angle on Seattle's skyline By Eric Pryne Seattle Times business...
  17. SEATTLE | Hyatt Regency (808 Howell St) | 45 Stories | ~500 feet | ~152 meters

    seattleurban first posted this in the Heron tower thread. This is a proposal for the Greyhound station block for a massive new mixed-use project that includes a hotel, convention/meeting space, and retail. This property is owned by RC Hedreen, developer of Olive 8, the Grand Hyatt, and several...
  18. SEATTLE | Civic Square | 57 Stories | 629 feet | 192 m

    Did anybody see the article in today's Seattle Times about the proposed Civic Square? There's also a rendering which looks cool.
  19. Seattle: Mid-rise projects

    On the Seattle development thread, mhays mentioned that it might be interesting to have a list of midrise projects underway in Seattle. There's enough going on that I'm sure this will be incomplete, but I made up a list of 4-8 story projects I could think of with some guesses as to size and...
  20. Seattle retail discussion

    Does Seattle have that many suburban shopping centers because whenever I am bored and decide to look at Seattle on, I never see as many shopping centers as other cities have.