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  1. SEATTLE | Westbank Twins (1200 Stewart St) | Two towers | 44 Stories | 484 feet | 147 m

    The DJC posted an article earlier this week that Lexas Corp., which is building Escala, is proposing to build two 36 story residential towers for the triangular block at the corner of Denny Way and Stewart. That will really alter the skyline from Capitol Hill!:)
  2. Sound Transit Light Rail Link

    Hello Seattlites! Erm, not sure if that's the right word for you... Anyways, I want to do a project for my Transit Financing class on Seattle's light rail project. Does anybody have any useful sources or links other than what is available on That would be awesome! Thanks...
  3. SEATTLE | 802 Pine St. | 55 Stories | 539 ft | 164 m

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned that Eight and Pine is now running ads in the paper, prices starting in the 400's and they are taking reservations....appartently they are going to build this one and they are very smart to initiate their marketing campaign before additional competition steps...
  4. SEATTLE | 1800 Terry | 38 Stories | 440 Feet

    1800 Terry (Terry Ave & howell st) 350' 30 floors (OG) 270 units I just saw a Notice of Decision on the DPD web site today. This is the current site of the Regence Blue shield building (a very ugly 5 story blackish brown building built...
  5. SEATTLE | First Light (2000 3rd Ave; 3rd & Virginia) | 46 Stories | 484 feet | 147 meters

    2000 3rd Ave 3rd Ave & Stewart st 43 floors(OG) 431 units Looks like this project was approved “with conditions” on March 1st.
  6. SEATTLE | Madison Centre (5th & Madison) | 37 stories | 530 feet | 162 Meters

    New proposal on the DPD today for a 40 story office tower at the SE corner of 5th and Madison. This is across 5th from the 5th & Madison condo and kitty corner from the library. It replaces the lowrise building the houses the college club.
  7. Seattle Area Airports and Aviation News

    I dont know if you guys have heard yet but within the next couple of months SeaTac will be getting some new airlines: Air France- with daily non-stops to Paris starting in June!! Midwest Airlines- with daily non-stops to both Milwaukee and Kansas City starting in April Air Tran- with daily...
  8. Oregon & Washington - Estados Unidos da América

    Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Washington é um dos 50 estados dos Estados Unidos, localizado na região dos chamados estados do Pacífico. O estado foi nomeado em homenagem ao líder das forças americanas da Revolução Americana de 1776 e primeiro Presidente dos Estados Unidos, George Washington. Os nomes de muitas cidades e...
  9. University of Washington thread

    Show your pictures you've taken at the University of Washington. I got the idea from a Penn State "superthread". Why not UW; there are quite a few people in Seattle, including many Huskies. Most of the images I have were taken in July when no one was aroudn and the sun was out :) I'll start...
  10. DISCUSS: *** World's Best Skyline ***

    Discuss this week's topic here. :) But please note - if you post too many images, I will delete them all. Try to have some consideration for people with slower Internet connections and/or slower computers, otherwise the thread becomes unreadable.
  11. SEATTLE - T-Mobile Park (47,943)

    Seattle Mariners Qwest Field is not the only great stadium in Seattle. It's neighbor is even greater in the opinion of many: Safeco Field My favorite of the new baseball parks, I think it is sorely neglected when discussions of best stadium come up. Its the retractable roof that really...
  12. SEATTLE | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    Seattle Monorail Project inches forward The Seattle Monorail Project has announced that it has received a refined proposal from the Cascadia Monorail consortium, which includes Hitachi as the vendor for the trains. The proposal was accompanied by a $25 million performance bond. The proposal...
  13. SEATTLE - CenturyLink Field (69,000)

    Seattle Seahawks 1x Champion: 2013 Seattle Sounders FC 3x Cup Winner: 2009, 2010, 2011 Home of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks Qwest with Safeco Field behind it Pretty dramatic don't you think? The tower video screen at the north end is the only one of its kind. Its the same...
  14. Seattle - USA

    Rate Our Skylines
    Seattle, WA Seattle Skyline with the Space Needle at sunset - Seattle Washington by mbell1975, on Flickr Seattle Skyline by kopper, on Flickr Seattle Skyline by JBR22, on Flickr Downtown Seattle by Eileen F., on Flickr