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  1. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Parc1 Seoul, South Korea / Republic of Korea Height: 338m/1109ft Floors: 68 Function: Office Architect: Richard Rogers Completed: 2020 photos from YKTM_You Know That Mean : 네이버 블로그
  2. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Lotte World Tower Seoul, South Korea Height: 555m/1819ft Floors: 123 Function: Mixed Use - Office, Hotel, Residential, Retail. Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Completed: 2017 Cityscape of Seoul downtown city skyline with cherry blossom by Mongkol Chuewong, on Flickr Night view over Seoul by...
  3. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Three Seoul International Finance Center Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT: 284m FLOORS: 55 COMPLETION: 2012 ARCHITECT: Arquitectonica, Baum Architects
  4. Asia and Australia
    Seoul Forest the # by POSCO Towers Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT:160m FLOORS: 42 COMPLETION: 2014 ARCHITECT: ?
  5. Asia and Australia
    Yeouido Richensia Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT: 151m/503feet 144m/481feet FLOORS: 40fl/??fl COMPLETION: 2004 ARCHITECT: ?
  6. Asia and Australia
    Tanhyun Doosan We've the Zenith Goyang (near Seoul), South Korea HEIGHT: 230m/224m/215x3/212x2/206m FLOORS: 59fl/57fl/54flx3/53flx2/51fl COMPLETION: 2013 ARCHITECT: ?
  7. Asia and Australia
    Brownstone Seoul 101[/B] Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT: 137m/563 feet FLOORS: 39fl COMPLETION: 2005 ARCHITECT: ?
  8. Asia and Australia
    Doosan Tower Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT: 156m/520 feet FLOORS: 34fl COMPLETION: 1999 ARCHITECT: U-IL Architects & Engineers
  9. Asia and Australia
    I-Park Towers Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT: 158m/533 feet 156m/520feet 133m/443feet FLOORS: 46fl/45fl/39fl COMPLETION: 2004 ARCHITECT: ?
  10. Asia and Australia
    SK Building Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT: 160m/533 feet FLOORS: 38 fl COMPLETION: 2000 ARCHITECT: ?
  11. Asia and Australia
    Hyundai Superville Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT: 162m/540 feet 130m/433feet 86m/287feet 79m/263feet FLOORS: 46fl/37fl/24fl/22fl COMPLETION: 2003 ARCHITECT:: ? these four towers
  12. Asia and Australia
    Daelim Acrovill Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT: 163m/543 feet FLOORS: 46floors COMPLETION: 1999 ARCHITECT:: ?,acrovill-2.gif
  13. Asia and Australia
    S-Trenue Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT: 165m/553 feet FLOORS: 36floors COMPLETION: 2009 ARCHITECT:: ?
  14. Asia and Australia
    Academy Suite Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT: 167m/556feet FLOORS: 51fl COMPLETION: 2004 ARCHITECT: ?
  15. Asia and Australia
    Hyundai 41 Tower Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT: 168m/560feet FLOORS: 41floors COMPLETION: 2001 ARCHITECT: ?
  16. Asia and Australia
    Galleria Foret Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT: 170m/570 feet FLOORS: 45 floors COMPLETION: 2011 ARCHITECT:: ?
  17. Asia and Australia
    Seogyo Xi West Valley Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT: 180m/600feetx3 121m/403feet FLOORS: 34fl/39fl/39fl/29fl COMPLETION: 2012 ARCHITECT:: ? Hapjeong Yeok por lucbonnici, no Flickr skyilne jumping.. por gwnam.2008, no Flickr
  18. Urban Showcase
    Let me start this post with some photos around Seoul Station. I have many pictures I have taken so far and I want to share them with you guys... 1. From Seoul Station: Skyline in front of Seoul Station by FabSeoul, on Flickr 2. N Tower - A brand new office tower: N Tower - Dec 23 by...
1-18 of 54 Results