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  1. Rate-a 'Scraper
    The Arts Tower has recently been refurbished, the interior is still completing so i thought a poll would be needed for Sheffield's second tallest :D Information about the Arts Tower Height: 78m Floors: 21 Architects: Gollins, Melvin, Ward & Partners Famous Feature: Patonoster Lift, Tallest...
  2. General Photography
    A selection of photos of England that I have come across on flickr... Wastwater, Lake District, Cumbria Expectations and Fulfiment Two (Wasdale Head) by DrupkaTheUnclear, on Flickr Honister Pass, Lake District, Cumbria Honister Pass by Nyahah, on Flickr Yorkshire Dales Yorkshire Dales...
  3. Completed
    Sheffield Wednesday FC 4x League: 1903, 1904, 1929, 1930 3x Cup: 1896, 1907, 1935 1x League Cup: 1991 1x Supercup: 1935 The first stadium in England to have a cantilever roof that ran the full length of the pitch. It is remembered for the Hillsborough disaster, one of the main reasons as...
  4. The Crucible
    Was doing a little research and came across this interesting video.
  5. City Talk
    Seeing as there is no thread for cities to show off their latest proposals in skyscrapers, I thought we should get one started. Basically, don't post anything that has been known about for a year or whatever unless that really is the latest highrise proposal. :| No doubt you've heard about...
  6. City Talk
    Why was the original thread on here deleted? It had some very valid issues that were raised and, if I'm not mistaken, this is the correct place to raise those issues?
  7. Sheffield Metro Area
    I thought that there's no point having a new thread for every lot of appartment's proposed, so here's a general thread for them. I'll start it off with this huge proposal on Roscoe Road/Hoyle Street:
  8. Sheffield Metro Area
    The now council-approved regeneration plans for the Grade II* listed Park Hill Flats by Urban Splash and Sheffield City Council. Article from the Sheffield Star: DEVELOPERS Urban Splash say their aim is "to make Park Hill the best place in Sheffield, period". But it won't be the first time...
  9. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Norte da Inglaterra, também conhecido como o Norte ou o Norte do País, é uma área cultural da Inglaterra. Não é uma região oficial do governo, mas um conceito geográfico. Este artigo trata da área aproximada compreendida entre o rio Trent e o rio Dee ao sul, até a divisa com a Escócia, ao...
1-9 of 9 Results