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  1. London Metro Area
    Thameside West Silvertown E16 Planning application: Newham 18/03557/OUT Official website: Development Facts Address: Land At Thameside West and Carlsberg Tetley, Dock Road, London E16 Architect: Foster + Partners | John McAlsan & Partners | Patel...
  2. The Construction Forum
    Royal Wharf Silvertown Official Website: Development Facts Site area: 15 hectares Location: Silvertown E16 Homes: 3,385, one new school Total floorspace: 363,000m² total floorspace
  3. London Metro Area
    Hidden down in the Royal Docks, between the large Tate and Lyle factory and the Tradewinds development, is Thames Road Industrial Estate. The site's owners, Ballymore, have recently revealed a new plan for the site, including 3x14 storey towers. (View from the Thames looking northeast along...
  4. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Projectos em Londres (uso de vidro)!! So deixo aqui alguns exemplos do uso do vidro na construcao em Londres que eu pessoalmente gostaria de ver em Lisboa. Muitos novos predios em Lisboa usam muito betao e tinta e sinceramente espero que os nossos arquitectos abram os olhos e vao ver como se...