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  1. Sudan
    I'm looking for someone or an agency were i can get topography (terrain, contour lines) and that would include the Rivers, Roads, Buildings, Agriculture, building height of the Khartoum area Sudan , by using Autocad, sketchup, revit, rhino, or 3dmax to create 3d model. this is for school project
  2. Member Designs
    Current Buildings list in the city of Chrisheem 100m plus. Statistics for Chrisheem Buildings in bold are by forum members.:) See: Completed Under Construction Approved Proposed Vision Building Name………………………………....Height.....Floors....Direct...
  3. 3D Designs
    I am currently part way through a building project and need better looking glass/cladding for the outside of my buildings i wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction of were i can find some.
  4. Texas
    I made some Sketch Up models of skyscraper ideas I had for this city about 3 years ago. Just for kicks, I decided to remodel a few of them... you know because some ideas don't stay the same for ever. Block TU Height: (old) 991ft. / (new) 900ft. Floors: 61 Site: E. 9th/Calhoun/E. 8th/Jones...
1-5 of 8 Results