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  1. Слики на архитектура и населби
  2. Слики на архитектура и населби
    Само мои фотографии / Only my photos
  3. Zagranica
    W Skopju wylądowałem ok. 1 w nocy. Na lotnisku, zgodnie z umową z Goranem z Hostelu Urban, czekał na mnie taksówkarz z kartką formatu A4 w ręku, na której widniało moje nazwisko. Przywitałem się, zapytałem, jak się miewa i udaliśmy się do taksówki. Rezerwacja przejazdu za pośrednictwem hostelu...
  4. Modern Times
    This residential building was opened for use in 2014. It's been designed by the architectural studio Stone Design from Skopje. It's located in the Centar district, in a lovely part of the city with lowrises and narrow streets. DSC03607 by george k. 1981, on Flickr DSC03608 by george k. 1981...
  5. Modern Times
    CAC (Contemporary Art Center) Mobile/Montage Gallery was built in 2014. It's construction cost only 7000 Euros (aprox. 9700 dollars). It is designed by the architects Dejan Ivanovski and Filip Jovanovski. The main idea behind this project is to provide a space where underground and less known...
  6. Modern Times
    Built in the period 2013-2014. The purpose of this building is to open space for business offices in the center of Skopje. Designed by the architectural studio STUDIO 2000, by the architect Jana Gugulovska Gjorgjevik. The building won the award for the best realized project in Macedonia for 2013...
  7. Subways and Urban Transport
    Published today on Railway Magazine: The maps of future light rail network:
  8. Modern Times
    This multistory car park in Skopje has six floors and one underground level. From the total area of ​​16,625 square meters, 2,500 square meters are office space, and in the garage there is a parking for 497 vehicles. The car park was officially opened in 20th of February 2013.
  9. Modern Times
    Capitol Mall & Residence in Skopje opened for business on 12th of December, this year. The first four floors of the building are for commercial use (62 stores, 12.500 m2), and the other four floors are residential apartments (8.000 m2 residential space).
  10. Modern Times
    This multistorey car park is located in the Skopje's downtown. Architect: Milan Mijalkovic (in cooperation with: PPAG architects and Goricanka architects). The car park has 460 parking spots. It's still under construction, but should be finished till the end of 2013. The render
  11. Modern Times
    The new office building and training center of the Football Federation of Macedonia is located along the river Vardar in Skopje settlement N.Lisice. It was officially opened on 22.03.2013 in the presence of the president of UEFA, Michel Platini. The building has a total useful floor area of...
  12. Modern Times
    The Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia is a memorial to the holocaust of the 7,148 Jews from Macedonia and the history of the Jews in the Balkans, located in Skopje, the capital city of the Republic of Macedonia. The Holocaust Memorial Center is a multimedia center, consisting...
  13. Modern Times
    Architects of the Catholic church in Skopje are Blagoja Mickovski (1931-2002) and Slavko Gjurich (1931-1980). The church is built in the period from 1973 to 1977.
  14. Travelogues
    Мислам дека сепак може да се отвори нишкава... :) Само да си направам кафе и почнуваме :) И само едно нешто... Не сакам да забегуваме од темата... има други нишки... Андреј... те предизвикувам! :)
  15. Modern Times
    Build in the period 2009-2010 by PROTOTIP building company. HQ of the Hypo Alpe-Adria-Leasing Skopje. The Hyperium business center is a luxurious five level business center, with underground level parking, at a total area of 13.000 sq meters.
  16. Modern Times
    The unique combination of the terrible 1963 earthquake and Yugoslav social planning created an environment in Skopje for some extraordinary building projects from the mid-1960s onwards. Among the many mind-boggling examples of modern architecture in the city, arguably the most astonishing is the...
  17. Urban Showcase
    FROM THE BALKANS TO THE CAUCASUS (BELGRADE TO YEREVAN) Hi there to whoever is interested in this thread. It's a chronicle of a trip i took, as it says in the title, starting in Belgrade and ending in Yerevan. I only used ground transportation, mostly because budget constrains and masochism, i...
  18. Fotoforum
    Het derde land op onze reis was Macedonië. Een omstreden land, want volgens de Grieken had het nooit zo mogen heten en volgens de Bulgaren is het eigenlijk een afvallige provincie waar ze een Bulgaars dialect spreken. Ook in eigen land is Macedonië niet onomstreden. Er wonen Albanezen en Slaven...
  19. Highrises
    Cevahir Towers (multi-purpose complex) Location: Municipality of Aerodrom, City of Skopje (+41° 58' 47.06", +21° 27' 57.48") Description: Four 130m tall towers, each having 40 floors, + ground level, + 2 underground levels for parking (capacity: 2200) and maintenance. Also including a Mall...
  20. Слики на архитектура и населби
1-20 of 46 Results