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  1. Photos
    An image I took of the Dallas, TX skyline, as photographed on April 09, 2014. Dallas, TX by SteveMasker, on Flickr
  2. Galería
    BUENOS AIRES desde el Río de la Plata como nunca la viste! Por Homeracion Bueno, en este hilo voy a compartir con Uds., amigos foristas, varias fotos y videos que tomé en un tour que hicimos la semana pasada con migue_cba por el Río de la Plata. El tour incluye almuerzo (con exquisitas...
  3. Prairie Provinces
    Hey folks!!, I'm a mexican guy who spent a while in this beautiful city, so, I would like to share my photos with you!!!, the thread will be mostly oriented to the Exchange District/Downtown area, but feel free to post any photos you want related to this great city, Winnipeg, so, start posting!!!
  4. Rate Our Skylines
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  5. Projects
    There have been many proposed projects such as the new design of the grand avenue project , two 40 story towers in the historic core , the rennaisance hotel , onni group's 4 proposed towers , the under construction Wilshire grand tower , and the metropolis project .
  6. Urban Showcase
    Hey everyone! I paid a visit to the city of Hamilton, Ontario (Population 520,000, Metro 720,000), which as many of you may or may not know, Hamilton is the center of Canada's steel-making industry, it is located at the very west end of Lake Ontario, about 70 km (50 miles) west of Toronto...
  7. Ontario
    I made a return to Steeltown for the first since February to catch the AHL hockey game between the Grand Rapids Griffins (farm team of the Detroit Red Wings) taking on the Hamilton Bulldogs (farm team of the Montreal Canadiens) @ Copps Coliseum. After the game, I took some night time pictures...
  8. Brasil em Obras
    Localização dos Principais empreendimentos em Obras, projetos e empreendimentos não cancelados da Cidade. Região: Leste Fluminense SubRegião- Metropolitana Rio de Janeiro II IDH-M 0,739 (2010) Pop: 1.098 737 hab Um balanço breve do que está em obras na cidade e do que está aprovado ou em fase...
  9. Skyscrapers
    Which cities will have the best skylines by 2025 based on current construction of buildings going on + already existing ? WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL BE THE TOP 10 SKYLINES BY 2025 ??? AND WHICH CITY DO U THINK WILL HAVE THE BEST SKYLINE BY 2050 ???
  10. Urban Showcase
    Here are some pictures during my visit in Boston in early April:
  11. Norte
    Tarde de quinta-feira, pós-feriado, e não tinha nada pra fazer, então fui pra varanda. E enquanto a chuva não vinha, tirei algumas fotinhos pra compartilhar (inicialmente seria só uma pro instagram, mas ok, tirei essas e algumas mais). ps: é um pouco clichê thread com foto de prédio, mas é...
  12. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Lima, Peru 2013 plazaaa_mayor2013_firma by Lina Chero Fotografia, on Flickr Plaza_Mayor-de-Lima_firma 2013 by Lina Chero Fotografia, on Flickr PArC - Perú Arte Contemporaneo 2013 by CIFO Flickr Feed, on Flickr Estadio Nacional de Lima by Avodrocc, on Flickr Estadio Nacional de Lima by...
  13. Wieżowce i Panoramy
    Witam wszystkich, To mój pierwszy post, chociaż na forum jako obserwator jestem od kilku lat. Pierwszy post - i od razu "w interesie"... Goni mnie mocno czas, dlatego zdecydowałam się napisać o pomoc. Mieszkam w Gdyni, pochodzę z Warszawy i kocham to miasto. Właśnie się urządzam. Panowie...
  14. Jamaica
    Skylines & Cityscapes Kingston eyeshrine
  15. Düsseldorf
    Quartier M, Oberbilk (inkl. Hochhaus, 100m; Planung) Das Gutachter-Verfahren für das "Quartier M" ist entschieden: Im Stadteil Obrbilk wird auf dem Ex-Post-Areal an der Erkrather Straße das geplante "Quartier M" gebaut. Der Berliner Architekt Jürgen Mayer H. setzt mit einem 100 Meter...
  16. Ontario
    Here is the third and final part of my Hamilton Winter 2013 Phototour. This is the NIGHTTIME phototour! These are all shots of downtown taken during the evening of a cool, clear night. I had a tripod with me at the time and most of these shots came out great! I took all these after the Bulldogs'...
41-57 of 268 Results