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  1. Skyscraper Database

    After about a month of working on this, I've decided to share my skyscraper database on this forum: This database lists over 1000 cities according to their tallest buildings, and the...
  2. The 299m Club

    There are a small number of skyscrapers that fall just barely short of 300m. About 980-983' tall. Which is your favorite? Shum Yip Upperhills Tower 2, Shenzhen. 299.3m / 982ft Four...
  3. New York, New York

    Urban Showcase
    New York City needs no introduction, enormous metropolis that makes the heart race with its magnetic energy. The last day of my trip in March 2020 was the day the shops were ordered to close before the city started to shut down. Scenes of a quiet Central Park and Fifth Avenue before I headed to...
  4. New York

    New York

    One WTC Freedom Tower
  5. New York

    New York

    432 Park Avenue
  6. New York

    New York

    Empire State Building
  7. Madrid


    Torre de Madrid
  8. Miami highrises


    South East England
    This thread will serve as an index for all tall buildings under construction across the South East. Buildings that are either 50m+ or 15+ floors will be listed here. Note - some threads lack details of actual height, so will be listed in terms of number of floors All information is sourced...
  10. NEW YORK | Flagship Macy's Tower | 244m | 800ft | fl | Pro

    Proposed Skyscrapers
    the world's most iconic department store may receive a towering addition. The parking lot, offices and store in Brooklyn are currently being redeveloped. Macy’s explores raising skyscraper atop Midtown flagship wikipedia
  11. Downtown | 28 Liberty | 248m | 813ft | 60 fl | 1961

    New York City Area Photos
    a thread for news, photos and discussion of the iconic mid century modernist landmark. Formerly known as One Chase Manhattan Plaza, the headquarters of Chase Manhattan Bank. Fosun Signs Three Tenants to 170K SF at 28 Liberty One Chase Manhattan Plaza by Emilio Guerra, on Flickr
  12. NASHVILLE | Paramount Tower | 229m | 750ft | 60 fl | Pro

    Proposed Skyscrapers
  13. MIAMI | Society Biscayne | 174m | 571ft | 49 fl | U/C

    Demolition Underway At 400 Biscayne, Where 704 Apartments Planned photo by Phillip Pessar
  14. NEW YORK | Hudson Yards Block 675 | 212m | 695ft | 58 fl | 166m | 545ft | 42 fl | U/C

    Block 675 Tower A Jeff Levine Lining Up $415M in Construction Financing for Hudson Yards Tower
  15. Downtown Brooklyn | 625 Fulton Street | 287m | 942ft | fl | Pro

    Brooklyn & Staten Island
    Rabsky Development hopes to bring 942-foot-tall building to DoBro
  16. NEW YORK | 625 Fulton Street (Brooklyn) | 287m | 942ft | 79 fl | Pro

    Proposed Skyscrapers
    With 80 Flatbush chopped down, this would be the second tallest building in Brooklyn after the supertall 9 deKalb. Expect fierce NIMBYism. Rabsky Development hopes to bring 942-foot-tall building to DoBro
  17. NEW YORK | 260 South Street | 243m | 798ft | 69 fl | 222m | 728ft | 62 fl | App

    Proposed Skyscrapers
    City Planning approves controversial trio of resi towers in Two Bridges
  18. LOS ANGELES | Olympic + Hill Tower | 232m | 760ft | 60 fl | Pro

    Proposed Skyscrapers
    Onni's Olympic + Hill Development Headed to City Planning Commission
  19. LOS ANGELES | 5th and Hill Tower | 241m | 789ft | 53 fl | App

    Proposed Skyscrapers
    Here's Another Look at the 53-Story Tower Planned Near Pershing Square
  20. Long Island City | 42-50 24th Street | m | ft | 70 fl | Pro

    Queens & Bronx
    This needs to jump through a few hoops to become as tall as rendered, but if all goes well this will be another behemoth for Queens' maturing skyline. 70-Story Mixed-Use Skyscraper Proposed for Long Island CIty