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  1. LOS ANGELES | Olympic + Hill Tower | 232m | 760ft | 60 fl | Pro

    Proposed Skyscrapers
    Onni's Olympic + Hill Development Headed to City Planning Commission
  2. LOS ANGELES | 5th and Hill Tower | 241m | 789ft | 53 fl | App

    Proposed Skyscrapers
    Here's Another Look at the 53-Story Tower Planned Near Pershing Square
  3. Long Island City | 42-50 24th Street | 136m | 447ft | 35 fl | Pro

    Queens & Bronx
    This needs to jump through a few hoops to become as tall as rendered, but if all goes well this will be another behemoth for Queens' maturing skyline. 70-Story Mixed-Use Skyscraper Proposed for Long Island CIty
  4. Abdali Project

    Welcome everybody!
  5. Uptown | 50 West 66th Street | 236m | 775ft | 69 fl | U/C

    another giant luxury project by Extell. This will be the tallest tower on the Upper West Side. Chiseled features: Snøhetta unveils new tower in Manhattan

    Completed Projects
    I saw some of these photos recently and had to share them because I am just stunned at the height. The first one is the JW Marriott in Dubai. Just WOW! I have seen some shots of it, but this aerial shot is unreal. The tallest hotel in the world...
  7. DETROIT | Hudson's Tower | 207m | 680ft | 49 fl | U/C

    Dan Gilbert proposes a 734 ft skyscraper for the old Hudson's site. ________ the latest design, 912ft:
  8. CHICAGO | BMO Tower | 222m | 727ft | 50 fl | U/C

  9. BEIJING | Leeza SOHO | 207m | 46 fl | Com

    DN Archives PROJECT DATA Project: Leeza SOHO Client: Soho China Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects Design: Zaha Hadid, Patrik Schumacher Project Director: Satoshi Ohashi Associate Ed Gaskin, Armando Solano Project Team: Kaloyan Erevinov...
  10. Downtown Brooklyn | Brooklyn Point (138 Willoughby Street) | 227m | 745ft | 68 fl | T/O

    Brooklyn & Staten Island
    A potential tall one! NYT: City Point Project in Brooklyn Gets Unlikely Partner in Extell Curbed: Extell's First Brooklyn Project Will Be Part of DoBro's City Point
  11. Which Modern Building is Most Iconic?

    Rules: - Buildings are arranged by height (tallest vs tallest, second tallest vs second tallest etc.) - Vote for ONE building for each height level * Please vote from an architectural standpoint and remove ALL bias * Do NOT vote for your city ONLY to boost the rankings, this throws off the poll...
  12. Регионы | Список зданий 15-19 этажей

    Regional Cities
    Уральск Построено: ЖК «Степной леопард» – 2х16 | ул. Сырыма Датова Общее количество зданий – 2 Строится: Общее количество зданий - 0 Приостановлено: Общее количество зданий – 0 Проект: Общее количество зданий – 0 Отменено: Общее количество зданий – 0 Шымкент Построено: ЖК «Казахстан» –...
  13. Регионы | Список зданий 20+ этажей

    Regional Cities
    Актау Построено: ЖК «Оазис» - 1х24 | 15 микрорайон 69 Общее количество зданий: 1 Актобе Построено: ЖК «Актобе́ Ажары́» - 3х25 | 11 микрорайон Общее количество зданий: 3 Атырау Построено: Marriott Executive Apartments - 1x20 | ул. Сатпаева 2 Общее количество зданий: 1 Шымкент...
  14. The Tallest Building in The World.

    Video description: The Tallest Building in The World (Burj Khalifa) You can directly visit your location of interest: Key inventions: Obstacles to a skyscraper: Revolutionary Care:
  15. SKYSCRAPER | Perth | Central Park Tower

    Skyscrapers & General Urban Issues
    City: Perth IMG_4466 by fabianamuso, on Flickr Basic Facts: Sourced from & The Skyscraper Centre Year: 1992 Height: 249 metres Floors: 52 Architects: Forbes & Fitzhardinge Use: Office IMG_4469 by fabianamuso, on Flickr IMG_6072 by fabianamuso, on Flickr IMG_5947 by...
  16. Berlin | Hardenberg | 209m | 52 Stockwerke | Vorschlag

    Berlins höchster Wolkenkratzer entsteht in der City West Stolze 209 Meter hoch soll ein neuer Wolkenkratzer in der City West werden. Das "Hardenberg" soll auf dem Hardenbergplatz stehen und das Waldorf Astoria um das Doppelte übertragen. Quelle...
  17. RALEIGH | North Hills East Tower III | 28 fl | Pro

    Southeast Development News
    Just after breaking ground on the 18 story Tower II, Kane Realty Corp. has announced plans for a 28 story Tower III, in the North Hills East development off Six Forks Road in Midtown Raleigh. (source: Kane Realty Corp., via Triangle Business Journal) The announcement also included plans for a...
  18. Bat Yam | Migdal HaTzuk | 50 fl | Proposed

    Gush Dan
    BAT YAM New rendering unveiled for Migdal HaTzuk (Cliff Tower) Ben Gurion Promenade, 50 floors design: Pivko Architects מגדל הצוק בת ים שעתיד לקום בטיילת בן גוריון אל מול הים תוכנית קודמת 2 מגדלים של 30 קומות (replacing the 2 x 30 design)
  19. RAMAT GAN | Migdal Achdut | 36 FL | U/C

    Gush Dan
    RAMAT GAN Achdut Tower 36 FL
  20. Алматы | Список зданий 20+ этажей

    Almaty City and Metro Area
    Список зданий Алматы имеющих 20 и более этажей Построено: 1) МФК «Есентай Парк» - 1х38, 1х21 | просп. Аль-Фараби 77/7 2) ПФК «Нурлы Тау» - 2х32, 3х22 | просп. Аль-Фараби / ул. Фурманова 3) Гостиница «Казахстан» - 1х26 | просп. Достык 52/2 4) ЖК «Mega Tower Almaty» – 8х25 | ул. Каблукова 264 5)...