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  1. Regional Cities
    Актау Построено: ЖК «Оазис» - 1х24 | 15 микрорайон 69 Общее количество зданий: 1 Актобе Построено: ЖК «Актобе́ Ажары́» - 3х25 | 11 микрорайон Общее количество зданий: 3 Атырау Построено: Marriott Executive Apartments - 1x20 | ул. Сатпаева 2 Общее количество зданий: 1 Шымкент...
  2. Skyscrapers
    Video description: The Tallest Building in The World (Burj Khalifa) You can directly visit your location of interest: Key inventions: Obstacles to a skyscraper: Revolutionary Care:
  3. Skyscrapers & General Urban Issues
    City: Perth IMG_4466 by fabianamuso, on Flickr Basic Facts: Sourced from & The Skyscraper Centre Year: 1992 Height: 249 metres Floors: 52 Architects: Forbes & Fitzhardinge Use: Office IMG_4469 by fabianamuso, on Flickr IMG_6072 by fabianamuso, on Flickr IMG_5947 by...
  4. Berlin
    Berlins höchster Wolkenkratzer entsteht in der City West Stolze 209 Meter hoch soll ein neuer Wolkenkratzer in der City West werden. Das "Hardenberg" soll auf dem Hardenbergplatz stehen und das Waldorf Astoria um das Doppelte übertragen. Quelle...
  5. Southeast Development News
    Just after breaking ground on the 18 story Tower II, Kane Realty Corp. has announced plans for a 28 story Tower III, in the North Hills East development off Six Forks Road in Midtown Raleigh. (source: Kane Realty Corp., via Triangle Business Journal) The announcement also included plans for a...
  6. Gush Dan
    BAT YAM New rendering unveiled for Migdal HaTzuk (Cliff Tower) Ben Gurion Promenade, 50 floors design: Pivko Architects מגדל הצוק בת ים שעתיד לקום בטיילת בן גוריון אל מול הים תוכנית קודמת 2 מגדלים של 30 קומות (replacing the 2 x 30 design)
  7. Gush Dan
    RAMAT GAN Achdut Tower 36 FL
  8. Almaty City and Metro Area
    Список зданий Алматы имеющих 20 и более этажей Построено: 1) МФК «Есентай Парк» - 1х38, 1х21 | просп. Аль-Фараби 77/7 2) ПФК «Нурлы Тау» - 2х32, 3х22 | просп. Аль-Фараби / ул. Фурманова 3) Гостиница «Казахстан» - 1х26 | просп. Достык 52/2 4) ЖК «Mega Tower Almaty» – 8х25 | ул. Каблукова 264 5)...
  9. Netanya and Sharon
    Dimri Ir Yamim 32 fl Planned
  10. Proposed Skyscrapers
    Sorry only one render so far and the height has yet to be released. Easily 500ft plus though as this is 100% office. Images are from the developers website Replacing this.
  11. Highrises
    Torre Galfa is a tower designed by architect Melchiorre Bega in 1956 and ended in 1959. It has a height of 109 meters for 31 floors. old images
  12. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Vertical Gardens to Cultivate Sustainable Skyscraper Architecture
  13. Gush Dan
    B TOWERS (80 Yoseftal) 2 towers of 47 fl + 30 fl
  14. Gush Dan
    Azorim ELITE Tower Ramat Gan 65 fl Residential tower news oct 13: Azorim pre-market, 120 of 296 units sold
  15. Skyscrapers
    Well,I'm curious abaut Your opinion about this how could look Warsaw City Core-Skyline like? I perform You my design.I made it long time ago/1992/But it doesn't matter to discuss the topic.The clue is that that area in Poland, I mean,around Palace of Culture in the CENTER midle of the Capital...
  16. Περιφέρειες της Ελλάδος | Peripheries of Greece
    The more I think about it the more I see that it would be perfect, if a small skyscraper (perhaps 50-100 m) was to be built on the premises of what today is the old, decadent swimming pool of Chania in Nea Chora. It would have a positive effect on a less developed part of the city, and it is at...
  17. Guadalajara
    PUNTO LAS LOMAS Las Lomas, Zapopan, Jalisco. (ZMG). REAL LAS LOMAS ZAPOPAN, JALISCO Plan Maestro conceptual de uso mixto de extenesas hectáreas. Complejo que cuenta con torre de oficinas, torres habitacionales de departamentos de lujo, múltiples áreas verdes, área de locales...
  18. Member Designs
    I'm using SketchUp for a while now. I'm make mainly skyscrapers, but also houses, and for some other things. And I'm wondering what the best Render Program is for SketchUp. I search for a rendering program, which shows windows transparent and also reflect them good. Thanks, Luuk
  19. Urban Showcase
    edit delete edit delete
  20. Cityscapes & Urban Development
    A thread with less talk and more action A thread with DSLR quality photos only A thread that tells all the major cities in the world that Dhaka is on its way A thread which shall surely disappoint CNN, BBC, and last but not the least Mr. Henry Kissinger :cheers: