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  1. Fórum Português
    O Annoucement do Jan: Como irá ficar? alguém tem experiência com o xenforo?
  2. Newcastle Metro Area
    When is the one year anniversary of our forum? It seems I've been here for ages now but it's only since the end of last year really.
  3. Photography
    Dubai (in Arabic: دبيّ‎, Dubayy) is one of the seven emirates and the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. The Dubai Municipality is sometimes called Dubai city to distinguish it from the...
  4. Newcastle Metro Area
    A proposed EVENING CHRONICLE article about the Newcastle Forum of . . . In continuation of my earlier post (quoted above) the third part of my discussions of the other morning with the Features Editor of the Evening Chronicle, about previous 'due credit' not being given to...
  5. Skyscrapers
    Do you think entire cities could be built as floating habitats — or even entire countries like the Maldives? How do you imagine that city/country? A series of floating platforms with canals as streets?
  6. Slovakia, skrátene SSC, je internetové diskusné fórum zamerané na diskusiu a zdieľanie informácií o architektúre, urbanizme a mestskom prostredí. Pre prispievanie do fóra je nevyhnutná bezplatná registrácia. Registráciou sa užívateľ zaväzuje dodržiavať nasledujúce pravidlá fóra: 1...
  7. DN Archives
    Height : 111m Floor count : 30 + 2 Subterranean levels Construction start : April 2010 Completition : May 2013 Location : Czech Republic, Brno, South Centre Functions : Office, Residental, Retail, Restaurant..... Website :
  8. Photography
  9. Airports & Aviation
    Voici une photo tiré d'un article trouvé dans le numéro du mois de mai 2011 de la revue El-Djazair C'est un interview du PDG de la SGSIA qui gère l'aéroport d'Alger On y parle entre autre d'un projet d'extension de l'aéroport et de la construction sur fonds propres d'un nouveau terminal d'une...
1-9 of 57 Results