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  1. Tokyo Nishi-Shinjuku skyscrapers

    Tokyo Nishi-Shinjuku skyscrapers

  2. Skyscrapers in Warsaw, Poland

    1- Palace of Culture and Science 2- Warsaw Spire 3- Rondo 1 More:
  3. Skyscraper Merchandise Collection

    Show your Skyscraper Stuff you've bought during big city trips or online here:cheers: I start with my 3D Puzzle Skyline i collect since i was 16 years old Your turn ;)
  4. Are skyscrapers unecessary?

    I've seen a lot people calling supertall skyscrapers unnecessary. Some people think that those tall skyscrapers are useless to our society. Are you agree with them?
  5. #SCA | Approved | Iconic Scarborough [159m, 118m | Mixed]

    Western Australia
    Development Application - Lot 601 (No. 10) Scarborough Beach Road, Scarborough - Proposed 43 Storey Mixed Use Development We invite comment on a development application for a proposed 43 storey mixed use development at Lot 601 (No. 10) Scarborough Beach Road, Lot 43 (No. 206) West Coast Highway...
  6. Your London Skyline Photos 2017

    The Construction Forum
    Your London Skyline Photos 2017 Previous Threads 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 The thread to showcase your best self-taken skyline photos of London in 2017! -
  7. London - Full Summary of Projects 25

    London Metro Area
    London - Full Summary of Projects Useful Links Skyscrapernews Website | Tower locations on Google Maps | SkyscraperCity London on Twitter Previous Summary Threads 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24...
  8. Skyscrapers 2015 - The World's Tallest Buildings

    After so long, I finally got this video done. I hope you guys like it :banana:
  9. Netanya | Briga Towers | 2 x 36 fl | T/O

    Netanya and Sharon
    NETANYA Briga Towers Ir Yamim 2 x 36 fl u/c start: 2015 Twin luxury towers in Ir Yamim suburb, prime beachfront location (first line to the sea). The towers will include synagogue, lounge, gyms, outdoor olympic size pool, bar, spa, tennis court. The two full upper floors of each tower will be...
  10. Even More Skyscrapers Set for NYC: Living in the Sky Part III

    I guess I've taken it upon myself to follow the entire series! Not sure when they're going to stop... Even More Skyscrapers Set for NYC: Living in the Sky Part III
  11. Tel Aviv | Emek Bracha Tower | 42 fl | approved

    Tel Aviv
    Received final DPC approvals this week: Emek Bracha Tower Location: Emek Bracha 1 under Ayalon North road. mixed use 42 fl: commercial, offices and residential top floors design fits with covering of Ayalon HW
  12. Ramat Gan | Hatzela Towers | 43 + 37 + 16 fl | approved

    Gush Dan
    Ramat Gan הועדה המחוזית לתכנון ובנייה נתנה לאחרונה תוקף לתוכנית "מתחם הצלע" ברמת גן, המקודמת מזה 15 שנה, על קרקע הממוקמת בצפון העיר בין הרחובות הצלע, העמל, הפודים ובן גוריון, סמוך למגדלי בסר וציר אבא הלל. מדובר במתחם שבו פועלים מזה כמה עשורים מפעלי בטון ומוסכים המהווים מטרד סביבתי, ועל פי...
  13. Dar es Salaam|Directory of Projects

    Dar es Salaam
    This thread will be dedicated to listing new buildings above 10 floors built in Dar Also an added list of mega-projects is attached below for quick look at whats going on around Dar. Will be divided in Four A.Between 10F and 25F B.25F and above. C.Large Commercial,Residential and Public...
  14. Skyscrapers that you feel should be MUCH taller (...or shorter) than what they are.

    Citytalk and Urban Issues
    The title speaks for itself, I'm sure. I have two candidates I think are much shorter than they need to be. They just seem to be stubby, especially considering their respective footprints. Frost Tower in Austin (photo: Jay Janner) Pier 1 Imports Building in Ft. Worth (photo: Avantist...
  15. Tel Aviv | Bein Arim | 100 fl | Approved

    Tel Aviv
    מגדל המאה: אושרה הקמת בניין בן 100 קומות בגבול ת"א־ר"ג הוועדה המקומית שדנה בתוכנית לאחרונה אישרה את המלצת מהנדס העיר להעלאת גובה המגדל מ־75 קומות לכ־100 קומות, תוך התאמה של זכויות הבנייה בהתאם. התוכנית, המכונה "בין ערים", מתייחסת לשטח של כ־11 דונם בין הרחובות בגין וז'בוטינסקי רמת גן, לבין רמפת...
  16. TEL AVIV | Seminar Hakibbutzim Towers | 3 x 35 fl, 130m

    Tel Aviv
    approved project + new campus for Seminar Hakibbutzim college
  17. DISCUSS: Best Spanish Skyscraper

    Post which is your favourite Spanish Skyscraper! Let's start: Torre Caja Madrid, 250m, 820ft, 45 floors, 2008, Madrid: [/url]MADRID / Cuatro Torres Business Area, Torre Caja Madrid (17/06/2013) #CTBA by -Saúl Tuñon Loureda-[/IMG] Torre de Cristal, 249m, 817ft, 45 floors, 2008, Madrid...
  18. the best balkans skyscrapers

    these countries avaz twist tower sarajevo bosnia & herzegovia floreasca city sky tower bucharest bosmal city center...
  19. the best roof of buildings

    23 marina elite residence central plaza the center...
  20. the best 50's skyscrapers

    Skyscrapers moscow state university 1953 palace of culture and science 1955 ukraine hotel 1957...