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  1. Reportajes Fotográficos
    La idea de esta postal nace en el desarrollo de "Caracas Ciudad Evolutiva" -Experiencia de Integración socio-espacial de los barrios informales de Petare Sur. Un proyecto urbano desarrollado durante el año 2009 por Hugo CHAUWIN (Francia) y César SILVA (Venezuela) en la Ecole Spéciale...
  2. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Lately in Madrid is much talk about this. To start you explain who are the Cañadas Reales (royal ways). Royal ways are paths designed for the transit of animals from different parts of Spain, is forbidden to build them. In Madrid we have one that passes through the center of Madrid (in the...
  3. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Seoul Bangkok Rio de Janeiro If you have more, please post!
  4. Urban Planning
    HOPE...LOVE....Nation Re-building...THE GAWAD KALINGA 777 The Gawad Kalinga 777 project Building 700,000 homes in 7000 communities in 7 years. From shanties to colorful homes. From sickness and malnutrition to health. From streets to caring schoolrooms. From slums to peaceful communities. From...
1-4 of 9 Results