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  1. Photography and Videos
    Г. Ганчев
  2. Photography and Videos
    Явно на мен се пада честта да започна новата тема с едно скромно видео от първите секунди на новата година:cheers:
  3. Photography and Videos
    Автор: Jovan
  4. Photography and Videos
    ЧНГ! Желая ви една още по-красива, слънчева и чиста столица през идващата година! Поради липса на качествена снимка от новогодишната заря тук вече 4 дни, започвам темата с почти првърналите се в златни жълти павета :) +Един бонус от гледката над София на 01.01, която вече беше постната в...
  5. Photography and Videos
    ЧНГ! :cheers: Автор: arthuro, 4coolpics
  6. Photography and Videos
    Post all pictures taken of the capital this year here :cheers:
  7. Photography and Videos
    ^^ thanks to bulvita. By Canko Lavrenov:
  8. Photography and Videos
    the original Sofia photo thread is already 3-4 years old. Post all photos shot in 2009 here and anything else in the other Sf thread :cheers:
  9. Photography and Videos
    I hope you'll enjoy that thread.. :) There are some pictures of Sofia...100 years ago. The king palace Alexander place Alexander blvd. Turgovska str. (Doesn't exist in our days) The "Largoto" construction Moskovska str. Tsar Osvoboditel str.
  10. Photography and Videos
    Visit the March 2005 Sofia tour by braykov1988 *************************************************** well I couldn't find the thread of Sofia, so I just copied/paste its clone from the Euroskyline section, keep in mind it's almost a year old:
  11. Photography and Videos
    Inspired by Old Warsaw, Old Kiev, Old Belgrade, etc. For your viewing pleasure only:)
  12. Photography and Videos
    so, here's where my walk starts, NDK, the place where people meet. this used to be my fav hangout place. a soc era pic. the square is really cool in summer with all the bustle and hustle going around bulgaria square Levski blvd house popa, a place where people meet. to buy weed...
  13. Photography and Videos
    Varna, Bulgaria XXX UNDER CONSTRUCTION XXX I'll have to reorganize this whole thing, I'll announce when it's done
1-17 of 17 Results