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    On July 8, I trekked up to Brisbane from Surfers Paradise to attend the Ozscrapers Queensland Meet at South Brisbane. I thought I'd make a day of it. Given many photos were taken, I'm posting a selection here. I will also update relevant Fabs SE Queensland Threads with extra photos and there...
  2. Victoria
    Just wondering if people had any photos of the old Spencer Street Station, Gas and fuel towers, Southbank, and Docklands. Thanks.
  3. DN Archives
    Project: Prima tower, Southbank Developer: Tony Schiavello Architect: Ivan Rijavec Old design v new design Render of old design by me showing location: Construction may start this year according to this article: Multiplex pares back in Melbourne Mathew Dunckley 13 December 2006...
  4. Archives
    I think this is big enough to have it's own thread at 107m high, 35 levels. Photomontage by Archibomber: Views:
1-4 of 4 Results