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  1. MSTADIA Designers Cup 6: Grünwalder Stadion

    Stadium Design
    TL; DR: Just click on the image above 🔼 and the site will tell you what to do... 😉 Hello everyone! Well, it's not the middle of July, we're not on vacations, some of us still has to deal with school or university and we certainly didn't just met new champions of europe but you all exatcly know...
  2. Old PES "Cuito Cuanavale" Stadium

    Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum, gotta say it looks really neat. I was hoping that maybe you guys could help me, I'm playing PES 4 and i'm trying to figure out what stadium actually is the "Cuito Cuanavale".
  3. WOKING | Woking Community Stadium | 9,026 | Proposed

    Cultural, Sporting and Entertainment Venues
    Woking Community Stadium Pending Consideration Ref:PLAN/2019/1176 Proposal Long term future for Woking FC 9,026 Capacity Stadium Kingfield will be renamed Woking Community Stadium New medical centre accommodating up to 14,400 patients. New David Lloyd Centre Developer: GolDev Woking...
  4. MOSCOW - RZD-arena (27,320)

    Ilya Gerkus: "we are Working on a pre-design solution for the reconstruction of the stadium" General Director of "Locomotive" Ilya Herkus said that the arena railroad awaits renovation. - When will the stadium be rebuilt? - It is very difficult to answer this question. Now we are working...
  5. Чемпионат Мира 2022 | World Cup 2022 | общая тема

    Городские проблемы
    Катар-2022. Каким будет следующий чемпионат мира? КОГДА БЫЛО ПРИНЯТО РЕШЕНИЕ Катар завоевал право на проведение ЧМ-2022 в тот же день, что и Россия – на ЧМ-2018: 2 декабря 2010 года. По итогам голосования членов исполкома ФИФА, которое прошло в Цюрихе, ближневосточная страна оставила позади...
  6. GLENORCHY - #PROPOSED - Derwent Entertainment Centre redevelopment

    I think this development is worthy of it's own thread now :) Summary as at 21 July 2018: Consortium for an NBL license has been formed, led by Justin Hickey and David Bartlett Propose to buy and redevelop the Derwent Entertainment Centre Glenorchy City Council has in principle agreed to...
  7. MILAN - Stadio Brianteo (22,000)

    SS Monza 1912 Stadio Brianteo | Monza Stadium Stadio Brianteo is an old stadium built in 1980s in the municipality of Monza, north Milan (Italy). It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of SS Monza 1912, the local football team currently playing in Lega Pro.
  8. Спортивные сооружения за рубежом

    Городские проблемы
    Строительство нового 62-тысячного стадиона "Тоттенхэма", г. Лондон, Англия. Фото - 15 июля 2018 года
  9. EUGENE - New Hayward Field (30,000)

    Under Construction
    University of Oregon Unveils Plans for New Hayward Field source1 : source2 :
  10. AVELLINO - Stadio Partenio (21,000)

    US Avellino US Avellino is a football team based in the city of Avellino (Campania region, Italy). See more about US Avellino > info
  11. Almaty Central Stadium | Центральный стадион | Reconstruction | 30000 Seats l Pro

    Projects & Construction
    Давно ждал о масштабной стройке в южной столице и наконец дождался её. Уверен, что это сооружение заслуживает отдельной ветки на форуме, и места для неё в спортивных сооружениях не достаточно (интерес к стадиону на той ветке - это доказывает) По факту - это строительство нового стадиона...
  12. PESCARA - Pescara Arena (20,700)

    Delfino Pescara 1936 Pescara Arena Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy
  13. PISA - New Garibaldi Arena (20,000)

    Pisa Sporting Club 1909 New Garibaldi Arena Pisa, Tuscany, Italy
  14. EMPOLI - FC Empoli Stadium (20,266)

    FC Empoli Stadium Nuovo Stadio Carlo Castellani FC Empoli is based in the town of Empoli (Florence metro area, Tuscany region, Italy) See more about FC Empoli > info The old Stadio Carlo Castellani, built in 1960s, will get an huge restyling / upgrade. Today, the City Council and the...
  15. TASHKENT - Bunyodkor Stadium (34,000)

    Bunyodkor stadium in Tashkent Tashkent. Bunyodkor Stadium in March 2017
  16. Rwanda seeks to host FIFA Council Meeting

    Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    Rwanda seeks to host FIFA Council Meeting SOURCE: International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) is assessing Rwanda's bid to host the 2017 FIFA Executive Committee meeting in October according to the...
  17. VENICE - Nuovo Stadio Venezia FC (25,000)

    Venezia FC Stadium Football Club Venezia FC Foundation Year 1907 Location Venice, Italy *** Video about Venice :D
  18. COSENZA - Stadio San Vito / Gigi Marulla (20,000)

    Stadio San Vito-Gigi Marulla Cosenza Football Club City of Cosenza (inhabitants: 67k city, 714k province) - Calabria region - Italy *** "We want to build a new stadium" said Cosenza mayor, Mario Occhiuto. "During my last visit in Rome, I met the Commissioner of Credito Sportivo Italiano...
  19. ST. LOUIS | New Soccer Stadium | Pro

    MLS group reveals plan for $200 million stadium downtown
  20. SALERNO - Stadio Arechi (31,300)

    Stadio Arechi is located in Salerno (a city of +130k inhabitants, +1mln in its province), about 47 km south of Naples (Campania, Italy). The stadium was built in 1984 and it is the home of local football team US Salernitana.