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  1. Proposed
    Former sports exec pitches $1.7B baseball stadium in Orlando Greg Fox, WESH-TV There's a task force in Orange County combing through requests for tourist tax money to make recommendations for how and where to spend those dollars. And the single biggest request in this exclusive is to build a...
  2. Stadiumet
    Me 6 prezantohet projekti.
  3. Stadiumet
    51N4E B.I.G. MVRDV
  4. Stadiumet
    Projekti Casamonti 10 mijë vende.
  5. Proposed
    "Report: Cleveland Browns want to build new stadium, city has rejected offers for land Ben Axelrod, Neil Fischer, WKYC-TV With the Cleveland Browns' lease at FirstEnergy Stadium set to expire in 2028, the clock is ticking regarding the future of the team's home. Citing sources on Monday...
  6. Proposed
    AC PERUGIA Perugia | Umbria | Italy AC PERUGIA STADIUM / NEW CURI Perugia is a city of 162,000 inhabitants (638,000 in its province), located in Italy's central region of Umbria. AC Perugia is the local football club. The Municipality-owned Renato Curi Stadium, which opened in 1975, has a...
  7. Architects
    OSBORN ENGINEERING Osborn Engineering, is an architectural and engineering firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 1892, it is noted mostly for designing sports stadiums. More than 100 stadiums have been designed by Osborn, including such famous parks as Fenway Park in Boston, the original...
  8. Completed
    Erasmo Iacovone Stadium Taranto | Puglia | Italy Taranto FC Erasmo Iacovone Stadium is located in Taranto, a city with a population of 187k inhabitants (city proper), 557k inhabitants (province). The stadium (27,584) was built in 1965 and is mostly used as the home ground of the local football...
  9. Lithuania
    VILNIUS - Avia Solution Group Arena reconstruction should start in 2022 around September. After reconstruction, it will have 16500 seats for Basketball games and for concerts it could fit more than 20000. With the new owner of the Arena, he is planning also to start a new basketball club. . This...
  10. Completed
    Alberto Braglia Stadium Modena Modena FC is a club based in the City of Modena, located in the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy. Modena counts 188,000 inhabitants in the municipality and over 703,000 in its province. *** Built in the late 1930s, expanded in the following decades, the Alberto...
  11. Nowy Stadion Rakowa | Raków Częstochowa [2021] 🇵🇱

    Instead of building a New Stadium for Ekstraklasa club RKS Raków, the Municipality decided that it would adapt the current facility to the licensing requirements. Raków Częstochowa is the single last football club in the top flight without a stadium build in progress. Initial plans for the city...
  12. Proyectos
    El proyecto consiste en un nuevo estadio para Liga Deportiva Alajuelense, con todas las comodidades y servicios propios de un estadio del siglo XXI, en cumplimiento con toda la reglamentación nacional y recomendaciones de FIFA.
  13. Uganda
  14. Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    Hangzhou Jianggan District Sports Center is currently under renovation. During the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, it will host some games of the football tournament.
  15. Completed
    🌍 Country: Senegal 🇸🇳 🌁 City: Dakar 🏢 Project Owner - Client: SOGIP SA 📏Design: Tabanlıoğlu Architecture 🇹🇷 🖊Contractor: SUMMA Construction 🇹🇷 🗓 Start Date: 2020 🏟 Stadium Capacity: 50,000 seats 🚧 Construction Area: 88,000 m² 💶 Cost: 238 million € (approximate)...
  16. Proposed
    Ennio Tardini Stadium Parma Parma FC is a club based in the City of Parma, located in the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy. Parma counts 198,000 inhabitants in the municipality and over 452,000 in its province. *** Ennio Tardini Stadium in its current state *** According to the latest news...
  17. Stadium Design
    TL; DR: Just click on the image above 🔼 and the site will tell you what to do... 😉 Hello everyone! Well, it's not the middle of July, we're not on vacations, some of us still has to deal with school or university and we certainly didn't just met new champions of europe but you all exatcly know...
  18. Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum, gotta say it looks really neat. I was hoping that maybe you guys could help me, I'm playing PES 4 and i'm trying to figure out what stadium actually is the "Cuito Cuanavale".
  19. Cultural, Sporting and Entertainment Venues
    Woking Community Stadium Pending Consideration Ref:PLAN/2019/1176 Proposal Long term future for Woking FC 9,026 Capacity Stadium Kingfield will be renamed Woking Community Stadium New medical centre accommodating up to 14,400 patients. New David Lloyd Centre Developer: GolDev Woking...
  20. Completed
    Ilya Gerkus: "we are Working on a pre-design solution for the reconstruction of the stadium" General Director of "Locomotive" Ilya Herkus said that the arena railroad awaits renovation. - When will the stadium be rebuilt? - It is very difficult to answer this question. Now we are working...
1-20 of 227 Results