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  1. Noul Stadion Sepsi OSK | Sfântu Gheorghe ⚪🔴 [May 2021]

    The new stadium in Sfântu Gheorghe is designated to meet the criteria of UEFA Category 4. It will house Sepsi OSK matches and will have a capacity of over 8,400 people. Despite it's being built in Transylvania, it's a Hungarian project. Hungarians own Sepsi OSK , Hungarians designed it and...
  2. Concacaf Gold Cup 2021

    Concacaf has announced the 9 Stadiums in 6 US metropolitan areas that will host groups, quarterfinal and semifinal matches in the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup. This announcement comes after Allegiant Stadium (Las Vegas, NV) and DRV PNK Stadium (Fort Lauderdale, FL) were confirmed as the host venues...
  3. Future Stadiums: Standard Liège | Stade de Sclessin ⚪️🔴

    Finally Standard Liège stadium reconstruction plans are approved! Stade de Sclessin will be slightly bigger, with a lot more facilities and fully enclosed. Price tag: + 100€ Million
  4. New Stade de Luxembourg | Nouveau Stade de Luxembourg 🇱🇺

    The Stade de Luxembourg is the future national stadium of Luxembourg. The stadium will host Luxembourg's national football and rugby teams and is listed as a Category 4 stadium by UEFA allowing it to host international matches. Upon opening, it will replace the outdated Josy Barthel stadium, due...
  5. Stadium Design
    TL; DR: Just click on the image above 🔼 and the site will tell you what to do... 😉 Hello everyone! Well, it's not the middle of July, we're not on vacations, some of us still has to deal with school or university and we certainly didn't just met new champions of europe but you all exatcly know...
  6. Proposed
  7. Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    Seagames 2013 Naypyitaw. Myanmar. WUNNA THEIKDI SPORT STADIUM Capacity : 30,000 ZEYAR THIRI FOOTBALL STADIUM Capacity : 30,000 ^^
  8. City/Metro Compilations
    Northern Brazil The North Region of Brazil (Portuguese: Região Norte do Brasil) is the largest Region of Brazil, corresponding to 45.27% of the national territory. It is the least inhabited of the country, and contributes with a minor percentage in the national GDP and population. It is...
  9. Северо-Запад
    Калининград, город, принимающий ЧМ-2018
  10. Completed
  11. Completed
    Tampa Bay Rays Country: United States[email protected]/4463647272/in/photostream/
  12. Completed[email protected]/1222013914/
  13. Completed
    Spodek (saucer in Polish) is a multipurpose arena complex in Katowice, Poland.
  14. Completed
    Atlas Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena in Łódź, Poland. In 2009 the arena hosted the following sports events: * World League intercontinental games between Poland and Brazil. * Second phase matches of the EuroBasket 2009. * Women's European Volleyball Championship.
  15. Completed Projects
    Congradulations in order for Auckland Tennis who have announced plans to build a brand new state of the art Tennis Centre. :) Very exciting news for Tennis in Auckland.
  16. Infrastructures sportives et culturelles
    A l'instar de la commission grands stades il y a quelques mois, voici désormais l'annonce d'une commission grandes salles de sports dirigée par l'ancien sélectionneur du Hand français Daniel Constantini. Si le thread de la candidature française à l'euro 2016 permet d'alimenter la discussion...
  17. Infrastructures sportives et culturelles
    Apres l'annonce par la FFF de la candidature de la France a l'organisation de l'euro 2016 de football, se pose maintenant la question de la construction, renovation et amenagement des stades. Avec, en cas de victoire, une envelope de subvention estimee a 1,5 milliard d'euros, des projets...
  18. Infrastructures sportives et culturelles
    Marseille veut couvrir son stade Vélodrome Batiactu.
  19. Infrastructures sportives et culturelles
    Comme cela n'avait pas encore été fait, je créé ce sujet pour qu'on puisse tranquillement parler du Grand Stade. Car comme le dit iaka dans le sujet de discussion générale, "c'est parti pour être une sacrée saga"!
  20. Completed
    RC Lens 1x League: 1998 2x League Cup: 1994, 1999 The actual Felix Bollaert in Lens (France) will be upgrade! Actual capacity is 42000 seats New capacity: 50000 seats. Architect: Pierre Ferret (the one who make the new Lille stadium) cost: 100 million euros scheduled -> 2010