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  1. South-Central | Южен централен регион
    ★ Major completed projects ★ Major completed infrastructure projects ★ Major projects under construction ★ Major infrastructure projects under construction ★ Major proposed projects ★ Major infrastructure proposed projects ★ Major Retailers ★ Major transport projects
  2. South-Central | Южен централен регион
    Major projects under construction Galleria Stara Zagora Mall U/C Mall Stara Zagora U/C Carrefour City Mall U/C Trade Center U/C Business Point U/C Modena Business Center U/C CCSZ - City Center Stara Zagora U/C Major proposed projects BPSZ -...
  3. South-Central | Южен централен регион
    Business Park Stara Zagora| Бизнес Парк Стара Загора Obviously, this huge 250+ m EURO project deserves its own thread. I have also asked Lokum for it. :) BPSZ project consists of: - 100+ m skyscraper - POSTPONED for 2010 - Over 25 office buildings – PLANNED - Building 1 - U/C - Park...
  4. Economy and Tourism
    Finally I decided to start this new thread about the ecology. I'm posting one a little bit old but a good one news! So please guys separate your trash! :) P.S. I've write to ecopack and asked them why in the "prestigious Lozenetz" there is steel not dust-bins for separating the trash, and...
  5. Economy and Tourism
    Time for a new thread :)
  6. South-Central | Южен централен регион
    The city of Stara Zagora is one of the most ancient in Europe. Located at the cross-roads of multiple civilizations, Stara Zagora is an important piece in the European cultural routes mosaic. Inhabited by Thracians, ancient Greeks, Romans, Slavs, Ottomans and Bulgarians, this unique city bears...
  7. Photography and Videos
    Stara Zagora (Bulgarian: Стара Загора) is a large city and an important economic centre of southern Bulgaria. The sixth largest Bulgarian city is located in Stara Zagora Province, about 231 km from Sofia. Its population is about 164,000. Stara Zagora is known as the city of straight streets...
  8. Economy and Tourism
    The last two years were especially good for Thracian Archealogy, many different treasures and tombs were found throughout Bulgaria. In 2004, everything started when the gold mask of a thracian ruler was found and his burial, that is when I got interested in Thracian culture. In 2005 another...
1-8 of 10 Results