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  1. LEIPZIG | Boomtown of East Germany

    Urban Showcase
    Leipzig - stunning! How do you think when you hear Leipzig? The Great Battle of 1813 just outside the city? To the former importance of the most important German fair city? To the peaceful revolution in 1989, the beginning of the end of the GDR? The great sons and daughters the city as...
  2. BERLIN | Upper West | 118m | 33 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    Berlin is getting a new highrise at Breitscheid-Platz, the center of the western part of the city, right next to the famous Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche (Memorial Church) and the recently built Zoofenster. Current renderings: Quelle: LANGHOF / KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten (C) LANGHOF®...
  3. Dutch Modern Architecture

    Dutch Modern Architecture I would like to show you the Dutch modern architecture in the Netherlands, and the Dutch architecture in the world. Feel free to post projects, and feel free to discuss. ________________________________________________________________ I’ll start with...
  4. Poland in the Interbellum (1918-39)

    European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Hello and welcome to the thread dedicated to Poland in the Interbellum (1918-39). The objective is to show photos of both larger cities and smaller towns (e.g. holiday resorts), architectural gems (e.g. castles and palaces), as well as to present some interesting aspects of then everyday's...
  5. underrated Lyon - Spring walk

    Urban Showcase
  6. UNIVERSITETSHOLMEN | Niagara @ Malmö University | 55m | 11fl

    Since Malmö University's new building Niagara in Universitetsholmen has been approved as of 2011-09-30, it is about time to honour it with its own thread. NIAGARA @ MALMÖ UNIVERSITY Google SketchUp model Name: Kv. Niagara Use: Education Height: 54.5m No. of floors: 11fl Developer: Malmö...
  7. [Warszawa] Apartamenty Atmosfera

    Miss Polski: Rate A Building
    Warszawa, Wilanów ul. Klimczaka/Al. Rzeczypospolitej Inwestor - Acciona Nieruchomości Autorzy - Szcześniak+Denier Architekci/ arch. Magdalena Tymosiewicz, Marcin Szymański, Marek Szcześniak, Alex Drzewiecki, Michał Koć z zespołem. strona:
  8. MASTERPLAN | Centrala Älvstaden

    Älvstaden/River city is a large sustainable project to be developed in the central area of Gothenburg (the second largest city in Sweden). The main task of this project is to develop a new and exciting city center of Gothenburg by urbanising and converting the harbour area into dynamic and...
  9. SALT LAKE CITY | City Creek Center Downtown Mixed Use Development | Completed

    West Coast and Interior West Development News
    Salt Lake City skyline and Main Street during the year of the Olympics: Image from UrbanProjects ( Image from UrbanProjects ( Image from Deseret News With the new Gateway Mall's success (a redevelopment mixed use project in the railway district just 3...
  10. Antologija zapadne arhitekture

    Arhitektura i urbanizam
    ANTOLOGIJA ZAPADNE HISTORICISTIČKE ARHITEKTURE Prateći ovaj forum već duži niz godina otkrio sam veliki broj veličanstvenih historicističkih građevina zapadnog civilizacijskog kruga koje su prezentirane u brojnim razbacanim threadovima. Na SkyscraperCity forumu skoro za sve što postoji imamo...
  11. Symbolic Buildings of Cities

    You know about Tehran: Cleanup of Tehran's Shahyad tower by rappels:
  12. The Art Deco Skyscraper Thread

    I had a look through (granted only a few) pages of the Architecture forum and didn't see an art deco related forum i even looked in classic architecture. So i decided that i needed to create an art deco thread all about your favourite art deco highrises, skyscrapers and supertalls. Just post...
  13. Best Miami Pics by QuantumX

    Brickell Financial District Aerial of South Brickell Financial District District (1450 Brickell, Four Seasons, and Infinity) Infinity at Brickell Condominiums (630 feet) 1450 Brickell and the Four Seasons Hotel and Tower (508 and 789 feet) from Brickell Avenue Jade on Brickell Bay...
  14. Baroque Architecture

    Classic Architecture
    One of my favourite styles of architecture is Renaissance derived baroque architecture - obviously Italian but also found in most European countries Baroque architecture is characterised by broad occasionally circular forms dramatic use of light, either strong light-and-shade contrasts...
  15. Modern hotels around the world

    I've decided to start a new tread on modern hotels around the world. Please post and comment on modern hotels only!!! Cheers!!! Marina Bay Sands Singapore...
  16. Great American Buildings

    United States Urban Issues
    Great American Buildings Post your favorites here! The American Brewery ~ Humanin Bldg Baltimore The American Brewery is an historic former brewery located at 1700 North Gay Street in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Built in 1887 by John...
  17. High resolution renderings (showcase)

    Into renderings by Vyonyx and MIR. Projects around the world in high resolution (renderings must be larger than 1500 pixels while i try to use 1600 pixels as the standard width). I will present renderings of high quality, so consider this a thread to those of us who have a big screen with a...
  18. Малі та середні міста Польщі

    Kazimierz Dolny (Казі́меж-До́льни) Kazimierz Dolny is a small town in eastern Poland, on the right (eastern) bank of the Vistula river in Puławy County, Lublin Province. It is a considerable tourist attraction as one of the most beautifully situated little towns in Poland. It enjoyed its...
  19. Catholic churches

  20. VIENNA at christmas (120 pics)

    Urban Showcase
    Hello, thought i would share some pics with you from my trip to Vienna in 2008 (yes i know it been a while). Not many cities look very nice in winter, but Vienna for me is the prettiest city in the world. It really is impressive yet still lively. I wont bog down posts with lots of picturesbut...