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  1. Subways and Urban Transport
    After many many decades, a new Swedish town has opened a new tram system, that is Lund. Lund tramway scheme is beautiful green. it also run on grassy reserved track, for high speed service with low floor tram. This is the map of future possible extensions - Post news and photos of Lund...
  2. Milwaukee
    I know this was announced over a year ago and to this point there was no dedicated forum for discussion about it. However since it might be the start of a separate line from the starter / Blue Line I thought it might warrant it's own section. Plus I have a comment or two that I wanted to make...
  3. Subways and Urban Transport
    This thread is about public transport in Little Rock, Arkansas. Streetcar map from
  4. Milwaukee
    I know everything that is initially posted in this subforum has been posted on the other streetcar subforum. However since that forum was created for the Blue Line and we now have a map of where the Green Line / Lakefront Line will go I thought it would be appropriate to separate the two. This...
  5. Subways and Urban Transport
    This thread is about public transport in Milwaukee. Links to other discussions:
  6. Milwaukee
    I thought it was about time to start a dedicated thread for this subject since best case tomorrow this project is approved and worst case it is approved in January. I just do not see this project not happening anymore and I wanted everyone to have a place to post dedicated stories, updates, and...
  7. Nur-Sultan (Astana)
    Скоростной автобусный транспорт
  8. Urban Showcase
    After spending four days exploring Seattle earlier this spring (photo thread here), I hopped on Amtrak at Seattle’s King Street station and headed south to Portland. Despite the thread title, I didn't get any photos of roses. While I’d previously spent a very brief day & a half in Seattle in...
  9. Southeast From San Antonio Express News- YEAH SAN ANTONIO!:banana:
  10. Nur-Sultan (Astana)
    Астанинский скоростной трамвай copied&pasted from Wikipedia Астанинский скоростной трамвай (легкорельсовый транспорт, LRT) запланирован к сооружению в новой столице Казахстана, которая переживает бурный рост. Иногда о данной транспортной системе упоминают как о «лёгком метро». После обретения...
  11. Transportation
    This is the info that I have as of March 2007: The National Capital Planning Commission has approved final plans for the initial 1.3 mile streetcar line from the Anacostia Metro Station to Bolling Air Force Base along South Capitol Street. The initial Anacostia line is schedule to be completed...
  12. Subways and Urban Transport
    How was the tram network in your city in the past(1880-1965) -lines -length -stations -wagons -people working there -maybe add a plan -post pics I make this thread because it makes me very sad that a lot of cities had a big and nice tram network but closed it in the 60´s because of building...
  13. Subways and Urban Transport
    Show your city Tram cars I'd like to see pics of operating tram cars (or even no-more in use ones, if you want) on tram networks around the world Models used in your city, but even, if you want, tracks, signals, facilities, depots or whatever you want to talk about :)
1-13 of 15 Results