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  1. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    I have wondered for some time, given how flat Perth is and how new it is, why the many of the streets of Perth are quite narrow, rather than a 40-metre width like King-William Street in Adelaide or that of Melbourne's main streets.
  2. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Inspired by this guest blog post I was allowed to do I will collect here more images of german Streetline Panorama compositions: Berlin - Friedrichstrasse Leipzig - Dittrichring Crimmitschau - Silberstrasse Berlin -...
  3. North-Central | Северен централен регион
    Отделна тема за транспорта и транспортната инфраструктура. Дал съм заявка за преместване на 40-тина мнения тук от последните няколко седмици, така че темата надявам се ще бъде попълнена в най-скоро време. :)
  4. Urban Showcase
    Salzach River by quiggyt, on Flickr Rudolfskai by quiggyt, on Flickr Salzburg cityscape by quiggyt, on Flickr Salzburg cityscape by quiggyt, on Flickr Salzburg cityscape by quiggyt, on Flickr Hohensalzburg funicular by quiggyt, on Flickr View of Salzburg by quiggyt, on Flickr View...
  5. Highways & Autobahns
    [MO] Roads/Streets in Macau • Auto-Estradas/Rodavarias/Estradas/Avenidas de Macau • ‎澳門道路 Hmm.....afaik, I don't think there is a thread yet for Macau so I guess I'll make one. Oh and if code [MO] has already been taken, then feel free to suggest another one. Thanks. Anyways, here's Macau. It...
  6. Dublin Metro Area
    This thread may be a bit of a stretch :P but I couldnt place this post and would prefer to make a more general thread :D Good news:
  7. Photos
    I'm not putting lot of effort into my photos, and my compact camera is 99% of the time on auto. So if the quality isn't always the best, I still hope you will enjoy these photos from some of the streets I love the most in Oslo. :) Today I will start with parts of Skovveien/Camilla Collets vei...
  8. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Baroda and Rajkot are two medium-sized cities in Gujarat. Both are industrial cities and have large state universities. Here are some pics: Baroda, first: (Some new malls) (Credit for photographs - all these photos have been taken from builders/developers sites online. All copyrights remain...
  9. Leicester and Leicestershire
    Now that the Highcross is open, the Curve is soon to open and the Streets and Spaces Scheme is coming to an end what does Leicester need to bring it up to scratch and modernise it further?
  10. Leicester and Leicestershire
    I know this is not a 'building' thread as normal, however, it is an important part of Leicester's regeneration. Gallowtree Gate has already been pedestrianised, with Market Street and Charles Street following suite and others thereafter; East Gates, Clock tower, Market Approach, High Street...
  11. Regiones | Catalunya
    Doncs això! Passejant per la capital del país te'n adones que hi ha vegades que penses si la ciutat és del peató o del cotxe... i en segons quins carrers penses que és normal, que són vies molt importants i que és inevitables... però en altres potser encara penses que hi ha l'esperança de que...
  12. Ciudades | Demografía, territorio y urbanismo
    hace tiempo en informativos telecinco hubo un reportaje sobre la calle mas larga de españa y decia que era la calle san vicente de valencia, que empezaba en el centro de la ciudad y llegaba hasta no se donde, yo siempre he creido que la mas larga era la gran via de bcn que llega si no me...
1-12 of 14 Results