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  1. Uptin House Student Accommodation, Stepney Road | Newcastle | 5fl | Approved

    Newcastle Metro Area
    This application is for the former Shieldfield Board School. The school was there from 1894 till 1937 and subsequently used for a variety of uses including as Uptin Motors which at one time had a huge sign on the outside of the building. Also used by Pauline Murray's Polestar Rehearsal Studio's...
  2. Kings Manor Student Accommodation and Office Development | Newcastle | Various | U/C

    Newcastle Metro Area
    First application for student accommodation at Kings Manor 2015/1585/01 . 11-16 storey/ 2015/1585/01/DET | Erection of a 11-16 storey building (AOD height 83.650) to provide student accommodation comprising 462 bedspaces including 168 studio apartments (Class C3), 54 cluster flats (Class C4)...
  3. Albert Street, Shieldfield / Albert Place Student Accommodation | Newcastle | 6Fl | Completed

    Completed Projects
    Yet more student accomodation. 2015/1230/01/DET | Demolition of existing commercial garage and erection of 6 storey student accommodation block consisting of 159 rooms. | Formula One 117 Albert Street Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1YW Reference 2015/1230/01/DET Alternative Reference PP-04286598...
  4. Liquid/Envy/Oxford Galleries/Tiffany's (etc) Nightclub - New Student Accommodation | Newcastle | 8/11/13fl | Completed

    Completed Projects
    2014/0001/01/DET | Partial demolition and erection of 50 shared cluster apartments (305 bed spaces) 7, 9 and 11 storeys high for student accommodation (Class C4/Sui Generies) with associated landscaping and provision of retail units (Class A1) at ground floor. Conversion of John Dobson House and...
  5. Architecture Graduation Project | Modern Stadium in Oradea

    Architecture & Urban Planning
    VREAU SA FAC STADION modern IN ORADEA PT DIPLOMA DE ARHITECTURA Problema este gasirea unui teren corespunzator. Eu am gasit unul in zona CET II. As avea rugamintea, pentru cei care aveti sugestii, sa imi faceti de cunoscut si alte situri potrivite in Oradea pentru un stadion modern. Multumesc...
  6. Architects who use 'Walking' to assist design?

    City Talk
    Hi guys - Hope I'm posting this in the right thread. Part II student here doing a Literature review on artists/architects/instillation artists etc: who use in their practice 'Walking' e.g Architects and Installation artists who use walking through the countryside to assist them in their...
  7. Plummer House, Market Street - New Student Accommodation | Newcastle | 4fl | Completed

    Completed Projects
    Possibly not a building that receives much in the way of being noticed, as it is tucked away at the Eastern End of Market Street but I'm trying to find out if this was the building that used to house REED MILLICAN & CO LTD (Glass Makers) and STRAKERFORD (Strakers Car Showroom) in the late...
  8. Sunderland and Durham Area STUDENT ACCOMMODATION - Developments

    Sunderland and Durham
    It will be built on the current Forge site beside Sunderland Royal Hospital and will include two blocks of student accommodation and a bar.
  9. Clavering Place - 'Roman House' Student Accommodation | Newcastle | 7fl | Completed

    Completed Projects
    Buccleuch Press Release: Fusion has been designed to be modern and contemporary whilst being respectful and reflective of its context. Its distinctive entrance to the front of the building is a highly transparent, glazed envelope that surrounds the existing chapel. The public space created in...
  10. Newcastle Area STUDENT ACCOMMODATION - Developments (excluding Student Accommodation Projects that have their own thread)

    Newcastle Metro Area
    Thought we could do with a thread on various student accomodation buildings going up around the place. Some news in the Chron today about another 250 beds in Ouseburn on Coquet Street...
  11. Architecture Students' Corner

    Architecture & Urban Planning
    Mod note: This thread is dedicated too all members that already are or want to be students of an architecture and/or urbanism faculty, be it in Romania or abroad. Enjoy and... good grades!:cheers: ___________________________________________________ Azi a avut loc examenul de admitere la...
  12. Temat pracy

    Architektura i Urbanistyka
    Witam, jestem nowym uzytkownikiem forum ale pozwole sobie zadac pewne pytanie. Czy moge prosic o pomoc w wymysleniu tematu eseju zaliczeniowego, jedyne kryterium jakie mi postawiono to ze ma byc powiazany z architektura XX wieku. Z gory dziekuje za pomoc :), chetnie widziane sugestie pod jakim...
  13. Opal Tower | LEEDS | 82m | 25F

    Europe and Africa
    Opal Tower Leeds, UK HEIGHT: 82m FLOORS: 25 USAGE: Student Accomodation COMPLETION: 2008 ARCHITECT: Morrison Design OTHER INFO: I currently live here! The tower is home to 550 students. Features include a "sky gym" (free to residents) on the 23rd floor offering fantastic views over the city...