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  1. Speakers' Corner
    A thread for discussion on film and television in London.
  2. Completed projects
    Riverside Studios Hammersmith W6 Developer Page: Planning Application: Hammersmith and Fulham 2013/03800/CAC Development Facts 33,500m² scheme 165 homes The demolition and reconstruction of Riverside Studios
  3. Projetos e Obras
    Studios, Florianópolis, SC Projeto da Dória Lopes Fiuza, apresentado em seu site: link
  4. Cape Town
    Mod edit: added renders. Source: Peerutin Architects ---------- 26,000 sqm development which may be completed in 2 phases Site is at top of Roeland Street (next to Stor-age): Demolition is almost complete with construction expected to commence in January 2013:
  5. Philippine Projects on the Rise
    I wonder if most of the condo/townhouse developers have a good record of delivering the units on time as promised. I bought a condo during pre-selling and the contract states that there is a grace period of a year from the delivery date they promised. Anybody knows of the performance of the...
  6. Regiones | Comunitat Valenciana Las obras han comenzado pero llevan con esto ya 9 años,estará acabado algun dia? ....ezo nunca lo zabremos ¿vendran como dice camps los americanos a rodar aqui ya que tendran misma instalacion a precio español? ¿seguira vivo garcia berlanga cuando lo...
1-6 of 6 Results