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  1. Košice
    Tuto by som navrhol zacat davat projekty okolo Kosic bud v domovych castiach Kosic alebo za hranicami mesta, kde ludia v nich byvajuci budu najskor pracovat stale v Kosiciach. Nove Mokrance Nové Mokrance
  2. NYC Suburbs, Long Island & SW CT
    the owners of the Avalon have had the option of a second building on their parcel of land. In a recent meeting, development incentives and plans for a new building were discussed. I foresee the plans coming to fruition because they would align with the city's downtown revitalization schemes...
  3. Milwaukee
    I thought it might be a good idea to create this fourm to potentially channel some of the Foxconn specific discussion off the main forum in case there are other topics people want to discuss. Also even though I named the forum Foxconn campus as the first article I cited from the Business Times...
  4. NYC Suburbs, Long Island & SW CT
    Multifamily Investment Finds Long-Ignored City of Mount Vernon rendering:
  5. NYC Suburbs, Long Island & SW CT
    Developers Unveil 'Pratt Landing' Vision For New Rochelle Waterfront
  6. NYC Suburbs, Long Island & SW CT
    Westfair: Extell revives plans for 1,395-unit apartment complex in Yonkers
  7. NYC Suburbs, Long Island & SW CT
    LoHud: Apartment complex proposed by Fleetwood station rendering:
  8. Milwaukee
    This thread is meant for sharing development news for the growing southwest suburban communities of Muskego and New Berlin in Waukesha County. MUSKEGO City Website: Chamber of Commerce: Muskego Now: NEW BERLIN City...
  9. Milwaukee
    This thread will be about development news in Brookfield, located in eastern Waukesha County. Current projects include The Corners, The Corridor, and much more!!!
  10. Milwaukee
    This thread is meant for all development news relating to the ever growing city of Waukesha, Milwaukee's largest suburb. City website: Chamber of Commerce: Waukesha Now: splat8 this is for you bud!
  11. Milwaukee
    This thread is designated for any development occurring in the City of Wauwatosa, or as the locals prefer to call it: TOSA!
  12. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    I've just watched this video about retrofitting the suburbs and adapting them to the changes in the population profile, land value, transportation and many other things. What do you guys think? Do you know any communities...
  13. Infrastructure, Economy and Architecture
    feel free to post pics and news of suburbs and suburban towns in Iran, already built or constructed, if Iran really has any
  14. Chicago
    Chicago Heights is an inner ring suburb in Cook County located roughly 32 miles south of the Downtown Loop. According to the 2008 Census population is 31,737. These photos were all taken by me. I am in no way, shape, form, or fashion a photographer and all pictures were taken with my camera...
  15. General Developments and Discussions
    I've spent a good time reading a lot of topics here in SSC, and after thingking twice about the barrage of adjectives and overworn arguments I'm SURE I'm going to get, I stilll decide to put some views of mine here. Topic: cars, their owners, their drives and their use In the last 15 years...
  16. Newcastle Metro Area
    THE NEWCASTLE SUBURBS (No. 1). . . Gosforth, Newcastle 3 So far the old 'Historic Photos' of Newcastle have concentrated mainly on the City Centre, so I thought it was time we posted some photos from other parts of Newcastle, starting with my favourite old photo of Gosforth High Street in 1903...
  17. Completed Projects
    One of my least favourite projects was discussed on the Projects Thread by Gregsone on 19th June 2009 . . . "The scheme to redevelop Jesmond cinema (derelict for last 15 years) is due to go to planning committee tomorrow. It is listed as recommended to refuse, as the proposed commercial...
  18. Cityscapes
    Post your pics from Hay Riad... thx
  19. Уфа
    Список поселков (с указанием расстояния до них): Акбердино Village - 18 километров Алексеевка I очередь - 5 километров Алексеевка II очередь - 5 километров Береговой - 200 километров Новобулгаково - 20 километров Бюджетный поселок в Шамонино ("Свой Дом") - 17 километров Бюджетный поселок в...
  20. Urban Showcase
    OakBrook Terrace The Tower Lombard The Westin A new walled city Downers Grove Esplanade at Locust Point Nice and spacious now, with active farm fields, plans are to put more tower/parking sets in. Esplanade I Esplanade IV Esplanade V Esplanade II - always...
1-20 of 20 Results