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  1. Proposed Supertalls
    A new twin towers to be launched for sale on 15th of June, very exciting promising design. If I am not mistaken the supertall twins of Aykon City are canceled and replaced by these 2, so location should be here: As per floor number, things should be clear...
  2. Proposed Supertalls
    Hyatt & Gencom Propose 3 Downtown Miami Towers, Including A Supertall Hyatt & Gencom Propose 3 Downtown Miami Towers, Including A Supertall – The Next Miami This is a 3 tower development, one will be a supertall while the two other towers are listed as being 61 floors with an unknown height.
  3. Proposed Supertalls
    Located in Qijiang New Town by marsyu on Gaoloumi...
  4. Proposed Supertalls
    Located in Tianfu New Area Concept render
  5. Proposed Supertalls
    Baietan Urban Design Master Plan Guangzhou, China The Baietan Master Plan envisions a sustainability-integrated city with over 740,000 residents and 660,000 employees situated on the banks of the Pearl River in central Guangzhou, China. Baietan will be Guangzhou's International Commercial...
  6. Proposed Supertalls
    Miami Worldcenter Getting Two Supertall Residential Towers By Developer Naftali Group Miami Worldcenter Getting Two Supertall Residential Towers By Developer Naftali Group – The Next Miami
  7. Development News
    Miami's 9 DeKalb?
  8. General Urban Developments
  9. Proposed Supertalls
    Another Supertall Has Just Been Approved In Brickell The Federal Aviation Administration has granted approval for another 1,049-foot supertall tower to be built in Brickell. The tower is proposed at 1428 Brickell Avenue. The FAA said the new tower can be built at 1,040 feet above ground, or...
  10. Proposed Supertalls
    Triumph Tower Location: Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil FG Empreendimentos Architecture: Triptyque Total Area: 134.036,21m² 233 apartaments HEIGHT (WITHOUT PINNACLE): 458,58 me HEIGHT (WITH PINACLE): 509,80m FLOORS (ONLY INHABITABLE): 135 floors FLOORS...
  11. Manhattan
  12. Proposed Supertalls
    I stumbled upon this proposal for Atlanta and it looks like it may have been approved? They're looking for a site and have 2 different locations in mind.
  13. Supertalls
    WENZHOU | China Resources Metropolitan City Center | 318m | 62 fl | 200m | 46 fl | 150m x 4 | 31 fl x 4 | U/C Earliest renders, posted by T时间333 on Gaoloumi on 2020 Dec 6: Newer renders, posted by T时间333 on Gaoloumi on 2020 Dec 12:
  14. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Heartland 66 Office Tower Wuhan, China Height: 339m / 1112ft Floors: 60 Function: Offices Architect: Aedas Completed: 2020 by Nicholas_Zhou from the Wuhan Megapixel Panorama
  15. Proposed Supertalls
    The Mayor of Monterrey Adrián de la Garza, has announced the next Supertall of México: RISE Tower, which will be the next tallest Skyscraper in Latin America and one of the tallest of the American Continent. RISE TOWER: ¡Congratulations to all Regios! 🤩🥳 No pandemic seems to stop them.
  16. Monterrey
    El Alcalde de Monterrey Adrián de la Garza, ha dado por bueno el anuncio de la Torre RISE que será la próxima Torre más alta de Latinoamérica y de las más altas del Continente. TORRE RISE: ¡Felicidades a esta grandiosa urbe! 🤩🥳
  17. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Parc1 Seoul, South Korea / Republic of Korea Height: 338m/1109ft Floors: 68 Function: Office Architect: Richard Rogers Completed: 2020 photos from YKTM_You Know That Mean : 네이버 블로그
  18. Proposed Supertalls
    The government buildings that used to occupy the site west of Mongkok East Station have been cleared and a 320m tower is expected to be built. Location (Google Maps) Plans and Renderings from the Planning Department...
  19. Proposed Supertalls
    Source: (be aware wechat publications very often get deleted) This week has been published 3 proposals for one of the 2 supertalls in Jinqiao subcenter expansion plan, this one is supossed to be 330m high. I haven't found who is the developer...
1-19 of 117 Results