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  1. Proposed Supertalls
    I stumbled upon this proposal for Atlanta and it looks like it may have been approved? They're looking for a site and have 2 different locations in mind.
  2. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Heartland 66 Office Tower Wuhan, China Height: 339m / 1112ft Floors: 60 Function: Offices Architect: Aedas Completed: 2020 by Nicholas_Zhou from the Wuhan Megapixel Panorama
  3. Proposed Supertalls
    The Mayor of Monterrey Adrián de la Garza, has announced the next Supertall of México: RISE Tower, which will be the next tallest Skyscraper in Latin America and one of the tallest of the American Continent. RISE TOWER: ¡Congratulations to all Regios! 🤩🥳 No pandemic seems to stop them.
  4. Monterrey
    El Alcalde de Monterrey Adrián de la Garza, ha dado por bueno el anuncio de la Torre RISE que será la próxima Torre más alta de Latinoamérica y de las más altas del Continente. TORRE RISE: ¡Felicidades a esta grandiosa urbe! 🤩🥳
  5. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Parc1 Seoul, South Korea / Republic of Korea Height: 338m/1109ft Floors: 68 Function: Office Architect: Richard Rogers Completed: 2020 photos from YKTM_You Know That Mean : 네이버 블로그
  6. Manhattan
    the Draft Scope report confirms this project's supertall status.
  7. Rate Our Visions
    McGowan-Walsh Tower, a mixed-use vision for one of the midwest's tallest skyscrapers, overshadowing the famous Gateway Arch.
  8. Rate Our Visions model:
  9. Rate Our Visions
    This could have been one of the USA's tallest buildings, outranking the 289m Key Tower for the tallest on Cleveland's skyline.
  10. Rate Our Visions
    If built, this would have been one of the world's tallest buildings and the tallest in the USA.
  11. Rate Our Visions
    1414 South Penn Square, a seemingly forgotten proposal for Philadelphia's tallest building.
  12. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Manhattan West New York City, USA Height: 303.3m/995ft Floors: 67 Architect: Skidmore Owings & Merrill Function: Office Completed: 2019 photos from baronsonphoto-20191012-125.jpg by Brian Aronson, on Flickr
  13. Rate Our Visions
    what could have been the world's largest building.
  14. Rate Our Visions
    an iconic tower in Houston stymied by the FAA and killed by the economy.
  15. Rate Our Visions
    A Trump proposal for the Upper West Side, what would have been the crowning piece of what is today known as "Trump Place" or the Riverside Towers.
  16. Rate Our Visions
    A towering Spire proposed by Trump in the 90s at the current site of the Time Warner Center. by Elia Atta: another potential design, by Murphy Jahn:
  17. Rate Our Visions
    A Trump proposal for the new home of NYSE. It bared a coincidental resemblance to the future 1 World Trade Center.
  18. Rate Our Visions
    determined to be overly ambitious, this vision made the rounds generating excitement for the redevelopment of a plot in Seattle.
  19. Manhattan
    A new tower for Penn Plaza. Vornado has previously stated that they're going to redevelop multiple properties around the station.
  20. Manhattan
    Macklowe's Midtown tower would be among the city's tallest