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  1. New South Wales
    Hi all, So over my career working in the industry, many people have asked me about how i progressed from on the tool as an apprentice into site management. In my time, I've seen so many in the industry without practical skills or insight into site management and that just frustrating. So I'm...
  2. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    One Barangaroo - Crown Towers Sydney Sydney, Australia 271m/890ft Wilkonson Eye Residential/Hotel Crown Sydney by cnd, on Flickr Sydney, Barangaroo skyline by fly wunala, on Flickr
  3. Sydney CBD
    Sirius EIS now on exhibition.
  4. General Photography
    SYDNEY - Architecture & Places - Closed thread This thread is an invitation to enjoy beautiful Sydney, a fascinating city that causes admiration and jealousy in many ways. Sydney residents are truly blessed with an outdoor lifestyle thanks to the city's striking natural environment represented...
  5. Calibre

    Calibre by Koichi Takada Architects. 10-14 Cooper Street, Surry Hills, Sydney Australia
  6. Urban Showcase
    A collection of some of my photos around Sydney. DSC05171 by MDRX1, on Flickr DSC08482 by MDRX1, on Flickr IMG_20190302_182319 by MDRX1, on Flickr DSC08530 by MDRX1, on Flickr IMG_20190302_182508 by MDRX1, on Flickr DSC08480 by MDRX1, on Flickr IMG_20190401_065346 by MDRX1, on...
  7. Sydney CBD
    Seasons Greeting to my fellow skyscraper lovers! After the popularity of the Parramatta development map, we at Build Sydney have decided to build one for the Sydney CBD. Link to the map: Sydney CBD Development Map We have spent the best part of a day putting this together, if I have made any...
  8. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    I recently purchased a 1939* Gregory's Sydney Street Directory and thought that instead of just enjoying it myself, that I would upload the whole directory online in high-resolution (600 DPI) so others can use it as a reference also. It can be found at the link here. I had also previously...
  9. Zagranica
    Wreszcie znalazłem trochę czasu żeby założyć wątek o tegorocznej wyprawie do Australii - trochę już od mojego powrotu minęło, ale trzeba było pozałatwiać różne sprawy, nie miałem głowy do ogarnięcia ogromu zdjęć jaki zwiozłem z wycieczki ;) Zobaczymy jak pójdzie z wątkiem, możliwe są dłuższe...
  10. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Haberfield is around 8 km west of Sydney in the inner west region. Originally designed as a garden suburb in the early 20th century, it still remains a popular place to live due to its proximity to the city and nearby inner city destinations such as Leichhardt, Summer Hill and Ashfield. The...
  11. Proposed Skyscrapers
    Sydney's 235m invisible ceiling is in the process of being smashed. First Crown, now 505 George Street. Thread: A Planning Proposal has been lodged with the City of Sydney for a new 263m tower with scope for 64,850 sq m of...
  12. Highrises
    New mixed use tower proposed for corner of Bathurst Street and Castlereagh Street in the Sydney CBD.
  13. Proposed
    Proposed Parklands Project for Sydney: Link here: Pictures:
  14. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    heyho. had a fantastic trip at the australian eastcoast an like to share the photos with you. Have fun or not :) Arriving at Melbourne, had to go through the seperate exit with the drugdog. That was cool, because my bag dropped as one of the last on the carusell. Saved me a lot of time at the...
  15. Asia and Australia
    85 Castlereagh St Sydney, Australia HEIGHT: 151m/503feet FLOORS: 32fl COMPLETION: 2011 ARCHITECT: ?
  16. Asia and Australia
    Lumiere Sydney, Australia HEIGHT: 151m/503feet FLOORS: 47fl COMPLETION: 2007 ARCHITECT: ?
  17. Transportation
    I know it's such a big what if but I always find myself thinking it. Do you think it would've ended up a success and Trams become a tourist attraction the way they are in Melbourne or even more so? With lines like Bondi, Bronte,Watsons Bay & Balmoral etc supporting great views it's hard not to...
  18. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    With the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre due to close at the end of November. I'd thought to capture a series of exterior and interior photos while the venue was still active. Also captured is the due to be replaced IMAX Theatre as well as the Entertainment Centre. To see what this area...
  19. Asia and Australia
    Angel Place Sydney, Australia HEIGHT: 152m/510feet FLOORS: 35 floors COMPLETION: 2000 ARCHITECT: peddle thorp and walker
1-19 of 123 Results