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  1. Projects & Discussion | INNER WEST

    Sydney Metro Area
    We need a place to discuss projects going on in the Inner West!!! There is some activity going on in this area, particularly in relation to highrise development in suburbs such as Strathfield, Burwood, Ashfield and on former industrial sites along the Parramatta River. I thought I would kick...
  2. SYDNEY | Light Rail Thread | L1 - L2 - L3

    This is the thread where we can discuss proposals relating to the expansion of light rail. There has been alot of talk of extending the network into the city's eastern suburbs as well as the inner west and even in the CBD. If any light rail projects are approved, we can discuss their...
  3. Projects & Discussion | INNER CITY FRINGE

    Sydney CBD
    The Aboriginal Housing Commission which controls housing in Redfern's "The Block" in Eveleigh St recently made a proposal to redevelop some of the land into new housing for the Aboriginal residents of the area. The plan according to "The Wentworth Courier Central" calls for 62 three and four...
  4. Projects & Discussion | NORTH SYDNEY

    Sydney CBD
    A few things have been happening in North Sydney as of late in relation to upcoming developments & scrapers in this part of Sydney. This thread I hope will become a discussion thread for proposals for scrapers plus little developments eg refurbishment of scrapers and little projects. Bigger...
  5. Projects & Discussion | NSW | Planning, Infrastructure & Urban Development

    New South Wales
    Developer THAKRAL wont take no for an answer! the tenacious developers are back hasselling the councillors to develop there prime site atop Wynyard station! there massive height limit mixed tower is the pic below, but council want it more slender the best news is there not concerned about the...
  6. NSW | Completed | SYDNEY CBD | Inmark Tower | 36st / 113m (wind turbine 129m) | Residential

    i counldnt find original thread? may have been deleted ? Anyway BIG NEWS!! The comp was held last week and Project Architecture won!! There proposal had more features then the others and complied to sun access plane ect.. The 112m/35storey bldg rises 18 storeys on George st and the tower...
  7. Projects & Discussion | HURSTVILLE

    Sydney Metro Area
    There seems to be a fair amount of residential development and some commercial developments could be on the way for this rapidly growing suburban centre in the south. The following developments are proposed at present *An apartment tower of around ten storeys at the Corner of Butler St and...
  8. Projects & Discussion | GREEN SQUARE

    Sydney CBD
    Here is the latest construction photo from the Victoria Park development at Zetland
  9. North Sydney - Australia

    Rate Our Skylines
    North Sydney North Sydney is Sydney's second largest CBD after the Sydney CBD. It is the fifth largest CBD in Australia too! It also happens to have a world class skyline So how good is North Sydney's skyline I'll let you decide. Taken by Tony P
  10. MLC Centre l SYDNEY l 228m l 60fl

    Rate Our Talls: Up to 250 meters
    MLC Centre Sydney, Australia HEIGHT: 228m/748 feet FLOORS: 60 floors COMPLETION: 1977 ARCHITECT: Harry Seidler & Associates This white polygonal tower was constructed on a site raised above the adjacent streets. The plan forms a square with trimmed corners; the short edges run parallel to the...
  11. Completed | CBD CENTRE | Eliza | 16st/55m | Residential

    Sydney CBD
    from Fin Review The Phillip Court building overlooking Hyde Park in the Sydney CBD is expected to be redeveloped into residential apartments. The building was recently acquired by Andrew Richardson and Tjeerd la Grouw, who plan to develop an 'up market' residential building to be named the...
  12. Sydney - Australia

    Rate Our Skylines
    Sydney, Australias largest city (over 4 million), and seen by most of the world as the 'gateway' to Australia.