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  1. General Iran
    post all news about roads, passages, expressways etc from tabriz here golkar bridge and hameed underpass opened the underpass looks great, good materials and great brickwork, good light poles, the overpass.. well the whole concept of an overpass is bad in my opinion very very clean...
  2. General Iran
    some of tabriz's pedestrian alleys tarbiat needs huge renovations for its buildings, it has beautiful trees though, gorjiler also needs alot of renos maybe im too "khosh pendaar" but u know, i think most of us expect stuff like this strasbourg germany...
  3. General Iran
    expansion of tabriz's bus terminal, a new terminal تبریز شهر آرزوها ترمینال مسافربری مرکزی تبریز شهردار تبریز خبر داد افتتاح بزرگ*ترین ترمینال تبریز در فروردین*ماه 92 شهردار تبریز از اتمام مراحل اجرایی طرح توسعه بزرگ*ترین ترمینال تبریز حداکثر تا فروردین* ماه سال 92 خبر داد. به گزارش...
  4. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Irão, anteriormente conhecido como Pérsia, é um país localizado na Ásia Ocidental. Tem fronteiras a norte com Arménia, Azerbaijão e Turquemenistão e com o Cazaquistão e a Rússia através do Mar Cáspio; a leste com Afeganistão e Paquistão; ao sul com o Golfo Pérsico e o Golfo de Omã; a oeste...
  5. Photography and Sky Patogh
    This is the famous historical building of Elgoli in Tabriz:
1-6 of 6 Results