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    I just saw this while reading the morning news: JPMorgan Plans New Manhattan Headquarters for 15,000 Workers. Source: Bloomberg. The new building could be as much as 500 feet taller than the current building 270 Park Ave, which is 707 feet (215m). That would yield a 1200 footer! Excerpt...
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    Video description: The Tallest Building in The World (Burj Khalifa) You can directly visit your location of interest: Key inventions: Obstacles to a skyscraper: Revolutionary Care:
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    I want to know wich are the world tallest Concrete buildings, not with a Steel skeleton nor stuff like that; i mean, really really Full Concrete, Both Skeleton and most of the that Definition i`ve been searching and i came up with "Complejo Parque Central in Venezuela, it is 738ft...
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    Name: Burj Dubai Location: SZR Floors: 160+ Height: 800+ (maybe 950 or even 1000) Use: Residential, COmmercial, Hotel Construction Start: March 2004 Construction End: Late 2007 to 2008 part of a huge development including dubai mall (the world's largest), the residences (9 towers launched so...