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  1. Tamil Nadu
    We can have this thread to discuss about one of the high potential UA(Urban Agglomeration) that could come-up in TN. The possibilties, parameters, supporting facts, pros&cons of this can we very well discussed. Please avoid hate speech🙏
  2. Tamil Nadu
    Please post all the news & links about TN GIM 2015 only in this thread. Thanks
  3. Salem
    For posting your ideas and suggestions to change the image of the Salem city.
  4. Tamil Nadu
    "If I were the Chief Minister......", is a Dream,that may frequent a person interested in Society and its Land.. If you are such a person,flood this thread with Practical Dreams,an idea that could transform the land of Tamils into a Modern Civilised Society with matching allround...
  5. Tamil Nadu
    Tamilnadu Economy Tamilnadu is Fifth largest contributor to India's GDP. The most urbanized state in the country with the highest number of Business enterprises, pegged at 10.56%, compared to the overall population share of 6%. Tamilnadu second most industrialized state Gross state domestic...
  6. General Photography
    Hi, I have visited Southern India again (Kerala and Tamil Nadu) and indulged in taking pictures, of course. Pictures of my previous trip can be found here. Enjoy! :)
  7. Urban Showcase
    Hey guys, I've recently visited India with an Indian friend of mine. To be precise, I have travelled some parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu for 6 days. We took a flight from Dubai to Kozhikode and after a night in a very nice Resort we took off to a place in the mountains near Kodaikanal by car...
  8. Tamil Nadu
    ==Merchant Thermal Power Plants== கடலூர் | IL&FS Tamil Nadu Power Company Ltd. | Cuddalore | 3600 MW Power Plant (Phase-I 1200 MW & Phase-II 2400 MW) Project Website: நாகப்பட்டிணம் | UDI Infrastructure Multi Product SEZ |...
  9. Tamil Nadu
    it out An old project that was put on the back burner, deserves relook, say experts In 1969, the government evolved a scheme to im pound 7.4 tmc water from the upper reaches of Vaigai river to benefit Virudhunagar and other areas in irrigation and provide drinking water. The project did not re...
  10. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    A Índia (em hindi: भारत, Bhārat, pronunciado: [ˈbʱaːrət̪]; em inglês: India, pronunciado: [ˈɪndiə]), oficialmente denominada República da Índia (em hindi: भारत गणराज्य, Bhārat Gaṇarājya; em inglês: Republic of India), é um país da Ásia Meridional. É o segundo país mais populoso, o sétimo maior...
  11. Cityscapes & Townscapes
    Chennai isthe 4th city in India and the gateway to the South and is thriving nowadays especially because of the IT boom. Although not known for high rises it has some interesting buildings from the British raj times to modern ones plus the ever famous Pallava architecture from the nearby...
1-11 of 19 Results