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  1. Tangier
    I couldn't find the final render anywhere, if someone can give us a clue but the restoration is already on i've read that they choose spanich architects in a cooperation with Valencia university to restore it الحذر يشوب ترميم معلمة "بلاصا طورو" بطنجة
  2. Africa: Photo Galleries
    These are some pics of my region, its cities, landscapes and portraits. :cheers: Tangier-Tetouan region is in the north of morocco, on the straight of Gibraltar and is 14km from Europe.
  3. Cityscapes
    Tangier or Tangiers (Tanja طنجة in Berber and Arabic, Tánger in Spanish, Tânger in Portuguese, and Tanger in French) is a city of northern Morocco with a population of 669,680 (2004 census). It lies on the North African coast at the western entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar where the...
  4. Expressways
    Nador - Saïdia pic's of the road between Kariat Arekmane and Ras El Ma pic of the road between Ras El Ma and Saïdia
1-5 of 5 Results