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  1. General Urban Developments
    the abbas-abad hills are/were an empty set of lots located in the mid-north section of tehran. since the 70s, several plans were drawn to create a large business district. however after the revolution, and nearly two decades of hold, the area underwent construction but instead for a large set...
  2. General Urban Developments
    The "Iran Mall" , formerly named "Tat Mall" , located in Tehran's district 22 (chitgar lake district) will be, asuumibly, the largest shopping center in the world with almost 1.2 million square metres of constructed area and over 2.1 million square meters total area...
  3. Tehran
    it is on the north east corner of ashrafi esfahani expressway and niayesh expressway, beside the niyayesh auto repair complex
  4. Tehran
    Post any photos and info of current and or destroyed classical architecture of tehran (mostly qajar-early pahlavi) a villa in tehran (any info?)
  5. Photography
    Dubai (in Arabic: دبيّ‎, Dubayy) is one of the seven emirates and the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. The Dubai Municipality is sometimes called Dubai city to distinguish it from the...
  6. Tehran
    new thread post stuff regarding greenery, trees, parks etc here :)
  7. Proposed Highrises
  8. Highrises
    Designer and Architect: Zaha hadid and Patrik Schumacher Project Specifications: - Building Permit for 46 floors. - Licensed by the Tourism Authority for the construction of 5 Stars hotels apartments. - Land area of ​​4574 square meters and after Correction change to 4000 square meters . -...
  9. Asia and Australia
    Tehran International Tower Tehran, Iran HEIGHT: 163m/543feet FLOORS: 56 floors COMPLETION: 2007 ARCHITECT: ?
  10. Tehran
    Hello friends. Please could you post any images of Shahrak-e-Kianshahr district 14 or 15(some say 14 some say 15). Also, the development of the Amir Kabir Park has now finished and I would definitely want to see the transformation. Salam doostane aziz. Age aks az Shahrak-e-Kianshahr darid lotf...
  11. Urban Showcase
    This is a slideshow tour of three cities simultaneously - New York, Tehran, and London. It is an interesting way to view these cities - especially where New York and London are very western, and Tehran being in the Middle East - there are still many similarities and connecting themes...
  12. Tehran
    post any news, maps, line and photos regarding the sewage and underground water systems of tehran sadly, with a very primitive system, tehran easily gets overflooded with the slightest rains here are some recent pics from 2 nights ago i believe
  13. Tehran
    samee'i is a man we should be proud of! btw, the new building is just like the one he made in germany , INI institute which he is the head of its the shape of a human brain renders...
  14. Tehran
    behind the parliament and sepahsalar mosque , there is a hugeeeeee area u/c for a new central library, document building etc its part of the baharestan project, and its huge, i hope they dont screw it up, since its a historical location, it seems as if they are slowly moving the governmental...
  15. Tehran
    espinas chain hotels are building a hotel in behroud which is a "shahrak" west of saadat abad in tehran here u can see the hotel going up,51.358037&spn=0.009242,0.021136&t=h&z=16
  16. Tehran
    Project by Royal Star CO,( investor of Persian gulf star complex in Shiraz)
  17. Tehran
    middle east's largest recreational area, planned for tehran, region 22 آغاز عملیات عمرانی «هزار و یک شهر» بزرگترین شهربازی، پارک آبی و مرکز فرهنگی، هنری و تجاری در خاور میانه شهردار منطقه ۲۲ با اعلام این خبر گفت: این...
1-18 of 41 Results