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  1. Railways
  2. Infraestructuras | Ferrocarriles
    Abro este nuevo hilo para no mezclar con otros temas.
  3. Infrastruktura kolejowa
    O ile czegos nie przegapiłem, to francuska kolej nie doczekała się swojego wątku, zatem nadeszła pora takowy założyć. Przeznaczenie wątku tradycyjne - informacje o kolei, wymiana opinii i takie tam :) Ze swojej strony postaram się mniej lub bardziej systematycznie zebrać i wrzucać informacje...
  4. World Infrastructures
    High-Speed Railway Networks around The World Les Réseaux de Trains à Grande Vitesse à travers le Monde
  5. Railways
    Quel design peut-on supposer pour le futur TGV ? L'exemple le plus proche serait le TGV argentin, qui est également un duplex (projet éventuellement annulé) Ici modélisé en 3D (à remarquer l'usage de couleurs spécifiques au drapeau argentin) Design en 3D du TGV Argentin (Crédit photo...
  6. Economy & Development Issues
    TGV Maroc : Alstom cherche à gagner l’opinion publique marocaine La signature du contrat du TGV est prévue pour février prochain. Alstom, le constructeur français, a conscience de la sensibilité qui entoure ce dossier et tente de calmer les esprits par une action de communication ciblée...
  7. Majestic
    Mais um excelente artigo de Miguel Sousa Tavares publicado no Expresso (Segunda-feira, 29 de Jun de 2009 ) Segunda-feira passada, a meio da tarde, faço a A-6, em direcção a Espanha e na companhia de uma amiga estrangeira; quarta-feira de manhã, refaço o mesmo percurso, em sentido inverso, rumo...
  8. Railways
    Can someone tell me with pictures how many different types of TGV's there really are?
  9. Transport ferroviaire
    On there are some pictures of powerlines for the power supply of TGV trains, which are obviously single phase AC powerlines. I thought that the power supply of TGV is like in all 50 Hz train systems performed from the public electricity...
  10. Railways
    Alstom just signed a contract to build a TGV line Tangier-Rabat-Casablanca. The contract is worth 2 billion euros and the first section Tangier-Kenitra should be ready in 2013. This will be the first high-speed line both in Africa and the Muslim world, I believe. The order includes 18 TGV Duplex...
  11. Railways
    NAME: TGV MAROCAIN LOCATION: Casablanca - Tangier NUMBER: 18 SNCF TGV Duplex Trains STATUS: PROJECT WORKS: Casablanca - Tangier : 2008 - 2013 Next Projects: 2: Casablanca - Marrakech 3: Casablanca - Fez 4: Fez - Oujda 5: Marrakech - Agadir
  12. Railways
    EUROPE | HSL-trains from Europe I think its nice to compare all the Europe's HSL trains that drive. It would be nice if somebody had a map of all the existing HSL-lines of europe, Than we could see where all these trains drive. Here are the ones that drive true Belgium: - Thalys(Belgian...
  13. Railways
    At Least 41 Killed In Spain Train Accident At Least 41 Killed in Spain Train Accident Jul 3, 9:13 PM (ET) By CIARAN GILES My Way News VALENCIA, Spain (AP) - A subway train accelerated, shuddered and flipped off the tracks Monday in the Mediterranean port of Valencia, killing at least 41...
  14. Railways
    Transport strikes spark havoc in Belgium BRUSSELS, May 13 (AFP) - Strikes over management cost-cutting plans and wages by train and bus drivers created traffic chaos in Belgium on Friday and disrupted major services to London and Paris, union officials said. In Brussels, Eurostar trains to...
  15. Railways
    Qinghai-Tibet Railway near completition 100,000 workers died during the construction, RIP
  16. Railways
    French TGV Duplex
1-17 of 18 Results