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  1. New York City Area Photos
    City Island is a neighborhood of the Bronx. The neighborhood has a population of around 4,500. City Island was first settled by Europeans in the mid-1600s. In the 1760s, Benjamin Palmer bought the island and made plans to begin a port city to compete against New York City, due to the shipping...
  2. New York City Area Photos
    This is a huge affordable project. 4 of the 8 buildings in this complex have been built, including 1A and 1B. Eventually 1300 affordable units will be built here. The tallest of the buildings should be 150ft or so. Four down, four to...
  3. Queens & Bronx
    transforming a former juvenile detention center into a quaint center for the neighborhood, with 740 affordable units to boot. The Peninsula: New Renderings and Details on the Bronx's $300M Redevelopment of the Spofford Juvenile Detention Center
  4. Queens & Bronx
    another large scale project in the Bronx, this time attached to the Hip Hop museum which has been in the works for some time. L+M to build hip-hop museum, giant affordable housing complex in South Bronx
  5. Urban Showcase
    Some Photos from the train show at the Bronx Botanical Gardens 1. The Bronx Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show - 2015-2016 by Corey Best, on Flickr 2. The Bronx Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show - 2015-2016 by Corey Best, on Flickr 3. The Bronx Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show -...
  6. New York City Area Photos
    YIMBY: 13 Stories of Affordable, Supportive Housing Planned for 2700 Jerome Avenue, Kingsbridge Heights rendering:
  7. Queens & Bronx
    The Bronx | 1755 Watson Avenue | Pro how thoughtful of them to include some brown... YIMBY: Revealed: 250-Unit Mixed-Use Building Planned At 1755 Watson Avenue, Soundview
  8. New York City Area Photos
    Brooklyn photos? A thread for photos of The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. No Manhattan Photos. ____ Is there a thread dedicated to photos of Brooklyn? Obviously Manhattan gets all the attention because it's huge and gorgeous, but Brooklyn deserves attention as well. Anyone have...
  9. New York City
    New Yankees Stadium Yankee Stadium - Top of the Cathedral by Cory Disbrow, on Flickr =========================================================== :eek2:
1-9 of 9 Results