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  1. Photography and Videos
    Паркът до хотел Хисар: Един от новите хотели: Random building:
  2. Photography and Videos
    This thread is basicly for old photos and visual reproductions of the city of Plovdiv.
  3. Photography and Videos
    Жеравна/Zheravna Автор на снимките e Николай Димитров -, чието писмено разрешени съм получил, за да ги пусна тук
  4. Photography and Videos
    Municipality of Kardjali: Archeology museum: Neighborhood "Veselchane": vew..and Monastery St. John the Baptist Monastery St. John the Baptist: Assumption Monastery: : )
  5. Photography and Videos
    Тъй като доста от вас може би незнаят нищо за Пазарджик, ще сложа някоя друга снимка, за да добиете представа Ето общината и малко от центъра
  6. Photography and Videos
    The town of Karnobat Karnobat municipality is situated in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria, and it falls within the administrative boundaries of Burgas region. Rishki Passage links the municipality to north Bulgaria. The Karnobat-Aitos range of the Balkan Mountains is located in the northern...
  7. Photography and Videos
    Haskovo is the name of a town and administrative centre of the province of the same name in southern Bulgaria, not far from the borders with Greece and Turkey. Its population (as of December 2005) is 96,010. The province includes the town of Dimitrovgrad. Haskovo celebrated its 1000th...
  8. Photography and Videos
    It never occurred to me until just recently that last year we had a trip to Kabile, a fortress not too far away frrom Jambol in the South-Eastern portions of Bulgaria. The archeological reserve is stunning and if passing by, make sure you visit the place. It is high time the state ponder...
  9. Photography and Videos
    Chirpan is a small town with some 20,000 inh., situated on Trakya Motorway 34 km west of Stara Zagora and 58 km east of Plovdiv.
  10. Photography and Videos
    Asenovgrad: Downtown entrance, not very welcoming with those large construction sites: But the downtown was nice indeed! Asenova Krepost there: That's what we came for...lots of shops like those: Funny thing is that we almost become clients of those...would be interesting...
  11. Photography and Videos
    Nova Zagora is a town with population of approximately 26,000 inhabitants in the city, and approximately 48,000 in the entire municipality. It is situated 32 km eastern from the city of Stara Zagora in the southeastern plains of Bulgaria.
  12. Photography and Videos
    Population: about 43 000 people. Old, run down buildings, but lots of green areas - something I love the place for... And for the young female population... ;) The new Planeta Payner Disco and Cinema Center: You can just "breathe" the communism in the air... :lol...
  13. Photography and Videos
    Sliven(pop~90k) is a rather underrated town located in the eastern part of Bulgaria near Stara planina.I've never visited this town myself,but looking at the pics it appears to be a really nice place. oh well here's some commie blocks for you:D
  14. Photography and Videos
    Stara Zagora (Bulgarian: Стара Загора) is a large city and an important economic centre of southern Bulgaria. The sixth largest Bulgarian city is located in Stara Zagora Province, about 231 km from Sofia. Its population is about 164,000. Stara Zagora is known as the city of straight streets...
  15. Photography and Videos
    I think it's time I present you my home town Kazanlak. Kazanlak (Bulgarian: Казанлък) is a city located in Stara Zagora Province, Bulgaria. With a population of 61,779 people as of 2006, it is located near the geographic center of the country. The city is famous for being the center of an...
  16. Photography and Videos
    The roman theatre The old city :cheers:
1-16 of 16 Results