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  1. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Tower blocks are still in the limelight of newspaper articles, mainly for the stigma which surrounds them as being failures. many tower blocks still exist, the government 80% reduction in carbon emissions is still a requirement (UK), affordable housing is still in demand and reports that we...
  2. General Urban Developments
    Hello there! I've been browsing this forum for some time now, gathering a lot of useful and amazing information but without really commenting on it. Now, I'd like to share a video (with English subtitles and in 720p) about my hometown: a good example of Spanish growth in the 60s/70s but with...
  3. City Talk
    Why was the original thread on here deleted? It had some very valid issues that were raised and, if I'm not mistaken, this is the correct place to raise those issues?
  4. Foreign Stuff
    Yet another spin-off from the West Midlands Tower Blocks>>>British Tower Blocks threads! Post any photos of residential tower blocks/commieblocks from around the world that were built in and around the 1960s that you've taken yourself or have found on the internet. So let's see what you've...
  5. Glasgow Metro Area
    Hi there. This is the same general Idea as the British Tower Blocks thread but for Glasgow as we seem to have an awful lot up here. Anyway just post pictures of Tower blocks in the city.:)
  6. Commieblocks Fan Club
    You know what to do!* :banana: - London Block in Barking (East London) Shadwell (East London) Canning Town Blocks (East London) More Canning Town South London Blocks :cheers: *post pictures of tower blocks.
  7. The Lunar Society
    Not to everyones taste but the old thread had a healthy post count and regular contributions so here is WMTB part 2. I'm gonna end up sticking all my old photo's on here but we'll start with some proper oldies :) Castle Vale 1968 :banana: Duddeston/Aston flats 1953 Construction in...
1-7 of 7 Results