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  1. Somalia
    Hi everyone, Because of my studies I deal a lot with tourism and cooperative ties between towns, cities and regions. I was wondering if Somali cities have commercial and cultural ties with other cities in the world. Twin towns or sister cities are cooperative agreements between towns, cities...
  2. Hull and Humber
    Searching for news of our fair city on the Interwebs always brings up stories related to our various international namesakes. Often including some startling parallels and coincidences. But what do we know about them? Has anybody ever visited another Hull? Does anybody have any trivia or...
  3. Newcastle Metro Area
    Earlier today I strlled across to the Auzzie section of SSC (usuallu only the Canadian side of things I look at) and I proposed to them that we should each make a dedicated thread about each others city of Newcastle because as twin cities we share more then just been twin cities, we share...
1-3 of 3 Results