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  1. Architecture
    Townships are like mini cities with all the essential facilities available within the complex. This is what makes them so attractive to people and developers. Across the country are going all out to develop these residential townships across cities. Here are a few key reasons, living in a...
  2. Regional Cities
    Уральск Построено: ЖК «Степной леопард» – 2х16 | ул. Сырыма Датова Общее количество зданий – 2 Строится: Общее количество зданий - 0 Приостановлено: Общее количество зданий – 0 Проект: Общее количество зданий – 0 Отменено: Общее количество зданий – 0 Шымкент Построено: ЖК «Казахстан» –...
  3. Regional Cities
    Актау Построено: ЖК «Оазис» - 1х24 | 15 микрорайон 69 Общее количество зданий: 1 Актобе Построено: ЖК «Актобе́ Ажары́» - 3х25 | 11 микрорайон Общее количество зданий: 3 Атырау Построено: Marriott Executive Apartments - 1x20 | ул. Сатпаева 2 Общее количество зданий: 1 Шымкент...
  4. Cityscapes
    Oued El Himer English : Oued Heimer is a mining town in Jerada Province, Oriental, Morocco. It is located 31 km south of Oujda and 17 km west of Touissit. According to the 2004 census it has a population of 1997. Wiki French : Oued Heimer (en arabe : واد الحيمر) est un...
  5. Karachi
    Bahria Town Karachi A Master-Planned Community with World-Class Infrastructure and Facilities After the remarkable success of its projects in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Karachi, Bahria Town presents a world class master planned community in Karachi. Equipped with world class infrastructure...
  6. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    Lets post photos here of european cities with an "old town", or in other words, lets post photos of european cities' oldest parts, here are examples... Prague Belgrade Bratislava Tallinn Brussels Vienna Lets keep posting more pictures! ;)
  7. Northeast and MidAtlantic
    What's your favorite town common or town square in New England? Which ones do you find photogenic? Which one would you say best personifies the quintessential town common?
  8. Urban Showcase
    This great city needs no introduction and speaks for itself:
  9. 3D Designs[email protected]/[email protected]/
  10. Scottish Architecture Forum
    I think it's time for a Perth Development thread; there's lots happening in the Town as it goes along in it's bid to become a City. :) --- Let's get started with the news that have P&K Council applied for permission to allow the demolision of City Hall, in order to open up a new "Civic...
  11. Infrastructure, Economy and Architecture
    feel free to post pics and news of suburbs and suburban towns in Iran, already built or constructed, if Iran really has any
  12. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Rothenburg (ob der Tauber), Germany All pictures by: Again, all pictures by:
  13. Nordeste
    Olá aqui estão diversas fotos de Goiana, uma cidade pernambucana de 75 mil habitantes que fica no norte do estado e que tem muitas histórias e 6 praias. Espero que gostem, é meu primeiro thread! Av. Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca (Rua Direita)...
  14. General Discussion
    As the thread title suggest - a place to consolidate news and information regarding various ICT projects in the Cape.
  15. Lebanon
    [/URL] 133m² Apartment The compound is made up of 28 stylish 3 floor buildings offering luxurious apartments in Aramoun- Lebanon. The construction period estimated is 2 years, so the project will be ready Q4 of 2011. The Canadian Town has a large mall that includes a market place, a...
  16. 3D Designs
    Welcome Guys :cheer: My new project Qwerty Town (Tein Is Dead) Its a bayside town. I have 3 district : Downtown,Calton District and Verra District View from South View from East View from North-East View from South-West Map of Qwerty Town Downtown Skyline :D More pics soon
1-17 of 26 Results