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  1. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Small towns and villages of Romania :) This thread should be a representation of the romanian countryside ,also here are alowed sometimes to post photos from some nice small towns (with a population < 30.000 - 40.000).Please feel free to post some nice photos.
  2. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Euskal Herria Pays basque | País Vasco | País Basc | Basque Country In this thread I (and any other who wishes to participate) will present photographies of traditional Basque towns and villages, as well as magnificent examples of Basque architecture Visit the Basque general photography...
  3. Belize
    Belize City Belmopan San Ignacio & Santa Elena Orange Walk San Pedro Corozal Dangriga Punta Gorda (P.G. - boop boop) Ladyville Benque Viejo del Carmen (or just "Benque")
  4. Urban Showcase
    Seeing as this weekend will probably be the last stretch of beautiful weather for the year, I decided I'd make the trek down to Lanesboro. Lanesboro is an isolated river community tucked into the Root River valley in the southeastern corner of Minnesota. In the last 20 years, the town has seen...
  5. Urban Showcase
    Despite the heat and stifling humidity, this afternoon I ventured up to White Bear Lake, an established suburban community 10 miles north of St. Paul. It's history began as a Victorian resort town when it was connected via streetcar to Minneapolis and St. Paul. Today it's a vibrant and upscale...
  6. Urban Showcase
    It's been a few months since I've gone on a phototour, so today I thought I'd explore the town of Waconia. It's a sleepy suburban town about an hour southwest of Minneapolis on Lake Waconia. What a cozy little place! I especially loved the little wooden-framed buildings downtown, which you...
  7. Midwest and Plains
    Yesterday I realized I hadn't been to Excelsior in a (long) while, so I thought I'd head over there for a visit. From what I had remembered it was a pretty bustling, up-scale area. It originally started as a Victorian resort town at the end of a streetcar line, from which you could hop onto a...
  8. Urban Showcase
    Buffalo, Minnesota Population: 10,097 Seat of Wright County August 22, 2010 It was a pretty gross, humid day in the mid-90s, so some of my distant shots turned out a bit hazy blueish.
  9. Urban Showcase
    Anoka, Minnesota Population: 18,076 Seat of Anoka County August 28, 2010
  10. Midwest and Plains
    Today I decided to venture to Hastings, about 20 miles southeast of St. Paul. I was surprised to discover the town was holding a classic car show this afternoon, which gave me some added opportunities for people shots. Hastings, Minnesota Population: 18, 204 Seat of Dakota County September 18...
  11. Midwest and Plains
    It was another humid, 93º day today, so I didn't get to explore as much as I had wanted, but nevertheless got some decent shots. Anoka, Minnesota Population: 18,076 Seat of Anoka County August 28, 2010
  12. Midwest and Plains
    I'm going to start posting some simple photo threads featuring towns in the East Central region of Minnesota in the upcoming weeks. It's kind of fun to get out of the city and explore – I might make this into a new hobby! Today, I'll start with: Buffalo, Minnesota Population: 10,097 Seat...
  13. West Coast and Interior West
    Western Towns and Cities Here's a place to post images of the towns and cities of the Western US! Central City Colorado c.1950
  14. The Lunar Society
    Guess the town from a single picture of the high street. As this has the potential to be recognisable, we are talking about West Midlands Region. First up,where is this?
  15. Projects and Construction
    Hello, My name's Michael and this is one of my first posts. I've been studying the UK Government's policy of eco-towns for almost a year now, as part of my dissertation for my Masters in Town & Regional Planning. The four confirmed eco-towns in the UK as of 2009 are: Whitehill Bordon St...
  16. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    I am starting this thread to feature mostly unknown cities and towns (as well as some urbanized villages) across India. Such cities and towns are typically home to low-medium rise buildings, although one might also see some new highrises in the making. To start things off, here are some...
  17. Photos
    I will use this thread to post different pictures I take on random trips. Those trips may be me walking some streets of Oslo and the greater Oslo-area, and they may be me on trips to other destionations that can be all around the globe. Most pictures will be of an urban character, though. I...
  18. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Baroda and Rajkot are two medium-sized cities in Gujarat. Both are industrial cities and have large state universities. Here are some pics: Baroda, first: (Some new malls) (Credit for photographs - all these photos have been taken from builders/developers sites online. All copyrights remain...
  19. Cityscapes & Townscapes
    We will check out some of the google earth images of various towns and cities of India
1-19 of 19 Results