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  1. Skyscrapers
    Both are the most famous masterpieces of the 70s. Which one do you like more? WTC, NYC Willis/Sears Tower, Chicago
  2. Архитектура и урбанизам
    Hello guys, I am currently looking for companies, which trade with building materials in Serbia. Any information you give me will be very helpful. I am mainly concerned with merchandisers/importers/exporters, and not so much with producers. The size of the company does not really matter- from...
  3. Myanmar • မြန်မာ
    floors: 12
  4. Bandung
    Name Project: Sung Wang Park d/h Pusat Niaga Cimahi (PNC) Status: Proposed/Approve Location: H. Amir Machmud kavling 105-109, Cibeureum, Cimahi, Jawa Barat Number of Floor: 2 X 13 Floors Number of Basement: 3 Floors completion: 2019 Project Area : 1.62 Ha Project Scale : 133,467 ㎡ Shopping...
  5. Tablero de Dibujo
    Estimados foristas de SSC Argentina: Dado que se acaba de anunciar la realización futura de complejos pertenecientes a la franquicia World Trade Center en Argentina, mi idea es mostrar los diferentes complejos que existen en el mundo. En la actualidad hay 330 complejos aproximadamente, en 100...
  6. Architecture
    the origenal world trade center complex in 3d the way it was before terrorism nocked them down the intire complex is being build using google sketchup using drawing and lots of photos to make the textures it wil not be n simple box shape model with some textures it wil look almost like the real...
  7. Economy & Development Issues
  8. Kolkata
    I hope to discuss and update the commercial happening around the Kolkata Metropolitan area.
  9. Uganda
    I hope there is no thread on this..Oil has indeed been discovered in Uganda and we are talking of about 2 Billion Barrels....Do we see this beeing a curse..Will Museveni , a product of the bush end up buying guns and tanks? Interesting observations are:- Museveni has refused totell the public...
  10. Transport & Infrastructure
    По итогам I квартала текущего года рост ВВП составил более 10% [20:22] 12.04.07, Kazakhstan Today АСТАНА. 12 апреля. Kazakhstan Today. По итогам I квартала 2007 года рост ВВП составил более 10%, обрабатывающей промышленности - 11%, а производства...
1-10 of 17 Results