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  1. Infrastructure and Mobility
    Dans un post rendu public sur sa page officielle Facebook, aujourd’hui samedi 13 juillet 2019, Hafedh Zouari, président de la Commission de suivi des grands projets et du développement, a indiqué qu’après son adoption par ladite Commission, vendredi 12 juillet, le projet du métro de Sousse a été...
  2. Infraestructuras | Ferrocarriles
    Como no hay hilo para Siemens (o por lo menos no lo he encontrado) paso a inaugurarlo con esta noticia:
  3. Photos
    A few photos of the 'Railroad Crossing Model Railroad Club' in Harlingen, Texas, in the historic downtown (Jackson Street). I originally went to photograph the buildings in downtown but didn't realize the had their 'market days' yesterday (every first Saturday of the month), plus, the weather...
  4. Skylines & Photography / スカイラインと写真
    Hi everyone. I've finally decided to take the plunge and upload a bunch of photos of my trip in Tokyo from December 2013. My wife and I were in Tokyo in the early part of December thankfully, so the weather was not too extreme. I'll upload a few photos every day of our adventures in what I...
  5. Transportation
    Using the search function, I couldn't find a NZ thread/forum to match our Australian chit chats, so thought I'd create a thread. If there is already a thread or sub-forum, then please place the following post in there thanks.
  6. Transporte Ferroviário
    Bom galerinha, acredito que isso seja inédito aqui no fórum, troquei umas ideias com nosso modera e ele pediu para testarmos e ver como será a recepção desse novo formato de thread que já é tão comum na aviação (com os FLIGHT REPORTS). Como todos nós sabemos, a triste realidade de trens de...
  7. The Electric Press
    So, as promised, a poll to try and come to a consensus (if any) on our prefered choice of name for the new HS2 station. Oops, mispelt Elizabeth, damn editing options won't let me change it now... darn. :stupid:
  8. Railways
    ^^ clickable :D ... or ... 16 Dec 1967 ... Railroad: Identity, Design and Culture The photograph's reproduced on Page 85 ... I suppose Railway substitutes Railroad in the title of the publication around most of the British Commonwealth :dunno: ^^ clickable... :) ... Page 1 (except...
  9. Ferrovie
    ITALIAN TRAINS IN CAMPANIA Per le vacanze in campagna, io filmate dei treni di Arpaia, San Felice a Cancello, Santa Maria a Vico, Acerra, Cancello ed ero in grado di raggiungere il deposito NTV revisione si terrà il 25 treni AGV costruito da Alstom per l'azienda che offre veloci da passeggeri...
  10. Subways and Urban Transport
    Discussion on Platform Screen Doors and Platform Gates Personally, I am STRONGLY in favor of these doors and gates. First and foremost is definitely the safety aspect in reducing and eliminating people jumping or falling into...
  11. Cumbria
    Great North Western Railway GNWR is seeking to introduce new train services on the West Coast Main Line (WCML) between London Euston and North West stations into West Yorkshire, London Euston to Carlisle via the Cumbrian Coast, and London Euston to Blackpool. Proposed Route Map Services...
  12. Completed Projects
    North Shields Metro station Height: N/A Floors: N/A Architect: Sadler Brown Developer: Nexus Rail Development Details: - Demolition of existing North Shields Metro station - New station to be built - New platforms and canopies and landscaping of the public square at the entrance - New...
  13. Highways & Autobahns
    What about seeing some railroad crossings? Just near my home in Bologna there's this one (pics are taken from my window): the railroad is that of "Ferrovia suburbana" which is sort of hybrid between a common railrod, a tramway and a ground-level tube. I find this particular intersection is...
  14. Transportation
    Part 1 ----------------------------------------------------------- New cashless buses heavily guarded Brisbane Times, April 17, 2010
  15. Хабаровск
    Пригородный транспорт города Хабаровска Основной вид пригородного транспорта в городах России - электрички и автобусы. Хабаровск - исключение. Дело в том, что огромное число дачников обосновалось на амурских островах напротив Хабаровска, куда добраться можно только на теплоходе. Островов...
  16. Madurai
    This thread is for discussing the road-transport development projects in7 around the temple city Madurai.. You can discuss the *Road projects *ROB'S *City-Buses *New Citybus routes *development of Madurai bus-stands *Things to decongest traffic in Madurai etc.. Rock on Guys...Good Luck
  17. Railways
    In medium and long-distance trains, where people are not supposed to travel standing on aisles, there are three major set arrangements: aligned, facing and compartment seats: Aligned seats: (from Facing seats: (from daniellecherney on photobucket) Compartments...
  18. Newcastle Metro Area
    Ok, so this is a thread about Bus Transport, projects and discussions. I think public transport and private transport, or at least information about say 'road works' etc should be kept apart from eachother, otherwise we would just end up with a jumbled up thread. .
1-18 of 52 Results