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  1. İzmir Alsancak Nostaljik Tramvay Hattı NT1

    Infrastructure and Mobility
  2. ROSARIO | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    This is thread about public transport in Rosario, Argentina
  3. PALERMO | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    In upcoming opening of city's first modern tram line, I've created this thread about public transport in capital oof Sicily. Map from
  4. SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    I felt there was enough content for a South Jersey thread. I didn't like putting it in Philadelphia's thread anymore. An overall of the South Jersey Network River LINE - Tram - Train Line Length : 34 miles (55 km) Tram Portion Length : 1 mile (1.6km) Weekday Ridership : 10,270 (2014)...
  5. İZMİR | Karşıyaka Tramvayı | Com

    Infrastructure and Mobility
    Bakan Yıldırım, Konak ve Karşıyaka Tramvay projelerinin onay sürecinin tamamlandığını ve Bakanlar Kurulu'nda imzaya açıldığını söyledi. İzmir'in metro sistemini tamamlayıcı nitelikte hayata geçirilecek Konak ve Karşıyaka Tramvay projeleri için Ankara'dan güzel haber geldi. Ulaştırma, Denizcilik...
  6. What if the Sydney tram network wasn't dismantled?

    I know it's such a big what if but I always find myself thinking it. Do you think it would've ended up a success and Trams become a tourist attraction the way they are in Melbourne or even more so? With lines like Bondi, Bronte,Watsons Bay & Balmoral etc supporting great views it's hard not to...
  7. BURSA | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    In Turkey, after Antalya, Bursa has opened another tram system, which is old style. When the light rail of Bursa is trendy and first, the tram is although slow, but very much nostalgic/romantic. Bursa Tram is an old style system, with high floor, and bow collector. It suns through the old city...
  8. European Public Transport Vehicles

    Urban Showcase
    The intention of this thread is to share pictures of trams, buses, metro trains etc. in European cities. Feel free to post yours :) Tram in Porto Tram in Prague Buses in Valleta (Malta) New metro train in Budapest
  9. GAZIANTEP | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    Opening of new tramway system in small Turkish cities continues. After Konya, Eskisehir, Antalya, Kayseri & Samsun, another city joins in this list – Gaziantep. Unlike Eskisehirm Kayseri & Samsun, Gaziantep uses 2nd hand German tramcars as rolling stock, like Konya & Antalya. Gaziantep’s...
  10. Nordic and Baltic | Urban Infrastructure & Public Transportation

    Regional development
    Public transport in Nordic and Baltic states, in different cities, in interurban areas, intercity transport. Discussions about transport lines, companies, buses, trams in use, about projects and development, interesting solutions etc.
  11. TARTU light rail(tram)

    Tartu should have a tram system. What I came up with...... 1st line: Lõunakeskus-Kesklinn-Raadi 2nd line: Supilinn-Kesklinn-Annelinn-Ihaste Central station will be Near Tasku and Kaubamaja... (sorry 'bout my bad english):lol:
  12. BURSA | Tramvay Hatları | Tram Lines

    Infrastructure and Mobility
    Bursa devamlı tramvay yaptıgı halde bir baslık bile acılmamıs olması cok şaşırtıcı :( 1.HAT Zafer Meydanı - Davutkadı tramvay hattı Toplam 2,5 km lik bir hattır. Zamanla yediselviler bölgesine gitmesi amaclanıyor ( 650 metre ) Daha sonra ise siteler bölgesinde son bulacakmış..
  13. TALLINN | Tramlines No.3 & No.4 Reconstruction | Trammiliinide nr.3 & nr.4 rekonstrueerimine

    Two companies applied for new trams tender - CAF & Stadler. Yes,the epic battle,which started with electric & diesel trains tender,continues :popcorn: Official PR announcement by Tallinna Linnatransport:
  14. NORRKÖPING | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    I can not find any photos from Norrköping in Sweden, so I thought I should show some of the trams in this town, situated in the south-middle part of Sweden. Approx 90.000 inhabitants in the city. 2 tram lines. 1435 mm gauge. A newly expansion in the south, probably more in the future. These...
  15. TOULOUSE : TRAM Ligne Envol (T2)

    Grand Toulouse
    Bonjour, Je ne sais trop si on en a déjà parlé mais une étude va être lancée pour la mise en place de la ligne T2 qui permettrait d'aller à l'aéroport en TRAM. Voici le lien de l'article :
  16. ROMA | MetroTranvia Saxa Rubra - Laurentina

    Trasporti urbani e metropolitani
    Ciao a tutti! Vi scrivo dopo aver spulciato gli archivi di SkyscraperCity alla ricerca di qualche notizia sul Viadotto dei Presidenti a Roma, in zona Nord-Est! Cerco di ricapitolare un po' la storia di questo asse: 1949 La parte Est della borgata Tufello e la città-giardino sono gli...
  17. JERUSALEM | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    About a month ago, the first tramline in Jerusalem started operating. Still in a teststage, but people can ride on it for free during about 2 months. It's mainly on seperate tracks from the other traffic, it should run every 5 minutes. Going from the South-West part of the city to North-East...
  18. Gran MENDOZA - Metrotranvía (Parte IV)

    Dos fotos :
  19. SAMSUN | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    Since mid 90’s Turkey is constructing many new tramway systems, including big cities & small towns. In the last year, it opened a new tramway system in Samsun. Samsun’s tram runs only in 1 route, but it has many modern specifications like any modern tram network. The rolling stock is same like...
  20. KOLKATA | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    Kolkata, where I was born ‘n brought up, was the former capital of India. As a capital, British rulers planned for a good urban transportation. As a result, the starting of Kolkata tram happened. After some early failure, first horse tram was opened in 1880 by Lord Ripon. The first route was...