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  1. Subways and Urban Transport
    Nantong Metro is a planned and approved metro system in the city of Nantong, Jiangsu, China. The vision consists of four urban lines and four regional lines with a total length 324 km, of which the urban line length of 170.8 km, the regional line length of 153.2 km. The first phase will be...
  2. Subways and Urban Transport
    Mayor of Cuenca Paúl Granada announced on June 28 (2013) that contracts had been signed for the construction of a 10·5 km tram route, the first modern line to be built in Ecuador. Scheduled to open in 2015, the route will serve a total of 27 stops and will be able to carry up to 120 000...
  3. Subways and Urban Transport
    The Lucknow Metro (Hindi: लखनऊ मेट्रो) is an under construction rapid transit system in the city of Lucknow, India. Construction on the first phase began on 27 September 2014. Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation Limited or LMRC is responsible to build and operate this network. The metro project will...
  4. Subways and Urban Transport
    This thread is about monorail in Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum, India. Map:
  5. Transport miejski i regionalny
    [Katowice] Węzły przesiadkowe (Brynów Pętla, Ligota, Sądowa, Zawodzie, Św. Jana) Zakładam wątek, gdyż najwyraźniej powstanie węzłów przesiadkowych jest coraz bardziej realne. Właśnie ogłosili przetarg na projekt.
  6. Subways and Urban Transport
    From Railway Gazette: Map of the Mendoza light rail on Plus map of extension:
  7. Subways and Urban Transport
  8. Subways and Urban Transport
    Cuiaba, Brazil Populatation: 569 830 inhabitants Map: Project:
  9. Subways and Urban Transport
    Published today on Railway Magazine: The maps of future light rail network:
  10. Subways and Urban Transport
    CALICUT, INDIA PhaseI -Active Length :14.2 kms No of stations: 15 Depot: Medical College Reach: Medical College to Meenchanda Proposed Phase II Total kms: 16km Meenchanda to Ramanattukara 10kms Interchange at Meenchanda Parallel stretch : Malaparamba to Mananchira (6km) Proposed Phase III...
  11. Subways and Urban Transport
  12. Subways and Urban Transport
    Official Hyderabad Metro Website Project Introduction The project is being developed on a Public Private Partnership model like the Mumbai Metro. It is being spearheaded by Larsen & Toubro which emerged as the lowest bidder for the project viability gap funding in July 2010. They sought just...
  13. Subways and Urban Transport
    Navi Mumbai Metro Website The foundation stone for the Navi Mumbai metro was laid on May 1 2011 with CIDCO as the nodal agency for its development. Corridor 2 of the Masterplan (see below) is the first corridor that will be constructed: Line 1 - 21.45 kms - This line will be further extended...
  14. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    I made a little compilation of my trip to Dubai, as you see the city from various transport modes. I hope you like it :)
  15. Photo section
    I made a little compilation of my trip to Dubai, as you see the city from various transport modes. I hope you like it :)
  16. Transport & Infrastructure
    This is a longstanding project, planned and U/C since the early 00's, and the first phase was opened recently. It should make as big a difference as Cairo's current ring road. Link to image: Construction work in Giza's...
  17. Transportation
    A National Thread ... specifically for train or tram (light rail) stations which are either new, or significantly changed or developed. Historical Data accepted! Bus, ferry, and other developments accepted, relating to the point of embarcation and departure or otherwise Comments about the...
  18. Urban Showcase
    The intention of this thread is to share pictures of trams, buses, metro trains etc. in European cities. Feel free to post yours :) Tram in Porto Tram in Prague Buses in Valleta (Malta) New metro train in Budapest
  19. Subways and Urban Transport