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  1. Tunisie
    I'll add more once there are more official studies. Meanwhile, we can open a discussion to talk about the implication of this new development that was adopted by the presidency of the republic. However, not a lot of technical studies or professional renders are available until now.
  2. Tunisie
    I'll add more details about the development once I find more about it. Many conference centers are currently under construction in Gammarth which is good imo as these kinds of facilities attract high-end travelers and tourists.
  3. Tunisie
    So I have decided to start this thread so we can discuss political news and opinions. The recent instability and the failure to form a government led to economic and social issues. Please feel free to talk freely and respect one another's opinions and not neccessarly their ideas.
  4. Tunisie
    Dans un post rendu public sur sa page officielle Facebook, aujourd’hui samedi 13 juillet 2019, Hafedh Zouari, président de la Commission de suivi des grands projets et du développement, a indiqué qu’après son adoption par ladite Commission, vendredi 12 juillet, le projet du métro de Sousse a été...
  5. Tunisie
    Un accord a été trouvé portant sur la modification de l’emplacement de l’actuelle gare ferroviaire, à Sfax, en prévision de l’installation d’une station de transport multimodal, qui sera lancée en parallèle avec la ligne 2 du métro prévue en 2026, fait savoir à l’agence TAP le président...
  6. Tunisie
    COMPOSANTES DU PROJET : Complexe LE VICOMTE dont les travaux ont démarré au mois d’Octobre 2016 sera édifié sur une parcelle de 5000 m² situé au centre de ville de Sousse sur la route touristique. Il est construit en 3 niveaux de Sous-sols, un RDCH, une mezzanine partielle et 5 étages. Les deux...
  7. Tunisie
    La Société SAMARA s’est lancée dans un projet gigantesque consistant en la création d’un complexe touristique, commercial et résidentiel. Le projet consiste en un ensemble touristique, résidentiel et commercial comprenant: - Un hôtel 5 étoiles composé de 310 chambres sur 17 étages - 197...
  8. Tunisie
    a new photo thread of winter and snow pictures in Tunisia
  9. Tunisie
    Gafsa : Appel d’offres pour la construction d’une route périphérique Un appel d’offres sera lancé, dans les prochains jours, pour la construction d’une route périphérique au sud de la ville de Gafsa, affirme, mercredi, à l’agence TAP un responsable à la direction régionale de l’équipement...
  10. Tunisie
    An independent thread for Tunisair subsidiary company Tunisair Express for news.
  11. Tunisie
    As Tunisia launched its first air cargo company Express Air Cargo to link the African countries to Europe at a first step. This is a thread about any Cargo news in Tunisia and the other thread will be only for commercial aviation news. :cheers:
  12. Tunisie
    I decided to create a new thread for Tunisia 2020 (Tunisian international investment conference 2016 on November 29th and 30th). Here we can discuss the upcoming projects and participants news, many business press locally and internationally are already talking about it. There is a website set...
  13. Tunisie
    Project components: - 5 stars Resort - Mall, traditional souk and commercial spaces - Amphitheater - Artificial Lake - Apartments & offices
  14. Tunisie
    Location: Lac 2 Project: Residential + apartments + penthouses
  15. Tunisie
    Cost : 55 million Tunisian Dinar Complete by: End of 2016 Project components: - 4 Cinema theatres - +50 shops - 500 parking spots - Indoor Amusement park + kids play zone Social impact: 500 employees...
  16. Tunisie
    According to La Selection Immobiliere the real estate company that built Tunisia mall in Tunis, a new mall in the South in Sfax will start getting built in January 2016 and will be ready by October 2018. Sfax mall according to local media will be bigger than Tunisia mall in Lac 2 and will have...
  17. Railways
    The Paris-based company Discovery Trains has been in discussion with SNCFT and the Tunisian Government regarding bringing the 1960s MAN-built Presidential Train back into use for tourist trains. A successful test run took place at the end of February, with the train making a full circuit Tunis -...
  18. Tunisie
    Mejez al-Bab Bridge Name : Mejez al-Bab Bridge Place : Tunisia Construction date/period : AH 1087/AD 1677 Construction materials : Free stone Recipient/Mandatory : Muhammad (r.1675–1699), son of Murad II, great-grandson of Murad I (1613–1631) To this day this fine monument is a vital...
1-20 of 30 Results