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  1. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Istanbul, a fascinating city built on two Continents, divided by the Bosphorus Strait. This is one of the greatest cities in the world where you can see a modern western city combined with a traditional eastern city, it's a melting pot of many civilizations and different people. Istanbul was...
  2. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Sapphire Tower Istanbul, Turkey 261m/856ft 55 floors Residential Tabanlioglu Architects 2010 photos from CTBUH
  3. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Metropol Tower Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey 280m/919ft 58 floors RMJM Mixed use 2017
  4. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Skyland Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey 284m/932ft tallest 65 floors tallest Broadway Malyan Mixed use 2018 DSC_0836 by BerkeKayalar, on Flickr
  5. New York City Area Photos
    Turkevi Center Readies to Soar into Midtown East Skyline
  6. Zagranica
    W lipcu zaliczyliśmy długi weekend w Stambule, pierwsza od wielu lat wizyta w kraju muzułmańskim, wrażeń i porównań z innymi miejscami nie zabrakło. Zapraszam Na początek widok z tarasu hotelu w dzielnicy Sultanahmet 020 by bartek76, on Flickr Hotel od frontu pryz bocznej uliczce 021 by...
  7. Zagranica
    Zapraszam do mojego drugiego już wątku zagranicznego, po wyprawie do Kenii. Tym razem odwiedzimy Turcję. Zobaczymy niesamowity Stambuł, stolicę Ankarę, słynną Kapadocję, nadmorskie miasto Antalya, starożytną Troję, Efez i kilka innych myślę ciekawych miejsc. Mapka poglądowa i ogólny zarys...
  8. Urban Showcase
    Some photos of my trip to Istanbul I took back in November of 2014. Istanbul itself has around 14 million people and it is located in both Europe and Asia. Because of it's location there is a lot of history here from the Greeks, to the Romans, Ottoman Empire, etc. Istanbul and its picturesque...
  9. Airports
    A thread dedicated solely to the two airports of Istanbul. In the near future when the third airport is ready, then this page will be dedicated to the three airports of Istanbul.
  10. DN Archives
    Bomonti Time Residence Istanbul, Turkey HEIGHT: 195 m FLOORS: 52 fl Proposal 1 Proposal 2 ARCHITECT: TAGO Architects Proposal 3 Proposal 4 Proposal 5
  11. Phototeka
    Post The Best Beachs Of Europe Photos in High Quality Put The Country and Region And The Name Of The Beach
  12. Airlines
    Since air transportation is booming in Turkey for a decade now, it's about time to open a topic about I here. Well the latest exiting development is the sponsorship of Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines is going to be a new sponsor of FC Barcelona and Manchester United for 3 years. Both teams...
  13. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Anything that tops this?
  14. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    A Turquia é um país euro-asiático que ocupa toda a península da Anatólia, no extremo ocidental da Ásia, e se estende pela Trácia Oriental (também conhecida como Rumélia), no sudeste da Europa. É um dos seis estados independentes cuja população é maioritariamente turca. Faz fronteira com oito...
1-17 of 19 Results